An American Tragedy An American Tragedy

Drama that happens around you everyday - when the wild life of impetuous youth burns away age-old barriers!

A social climber (Phillips Holmes) charms a debutante (Frances Dee), seduces a factory worker (Sylvia Sidney) and commits murder

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All Time Top 3,000 Films by Allan Fish (RIp)

Preserving this list for posterity as it disappeared.

RIP Allan Fish, your film taste and writing lives on.



  • 12 Angry Men
  • 2 or 3 Things I Know About Her
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • 3 Women
  • 45 Years

My Personal Favorite Films Canon.

Films Not on Letterboxd
Through the Looking Glass (1976)
Stolen Honeymoon (1998)

  • The Docks of New York
  • The Salvation Hunters
  • The King Steps Out
  • Crime and Punishment
  • The Shanghai Gesture

Josef von Sternberg (Ranked)


JovoCop 16 films 8 4 Edit

"Shadow is mystery and light is clarity. Shadow conceals--light reveals. To know what to reveal and what to conceal and…