• TheCincyKid

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    I remember the 2nd grade. I remember my best friend was the smartest kid in class. He regaled us with stories of having seen Anaconda the night before at one point. How old I am. Is there much difference between this movie and The Killer Shrews? Aside from a leisurely hamfest by Jon Voight as the villain, it's simply an update of apathetic B-movie handiwork from the '50s, now with sexy Latina pop stars, rapper-turned-actors, assholes who happen to be…


  • Andrew Neill

    ★★ Rewatched by Andrew Neill 24 Jul, 2015

    This is a horrible monster film with no likable characters and the fact that the bad guy is lost in the amazon and his partner just happens to be on the boat of our heroes? I was completely lost how that was supposed to work and the monster effects were pretty shonky as well. This could have worked but it was just too contrived and too badly put together, cannot believe this got 3 sequels (or that end up watching them all).


  • RunDogmaRun

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    What the hell is going on with Jon Voight's accent?


  • Steve (not Warren) G.

    ★★★½ Watched by Steve (not Warren) G. 02 Aug, 2015 1

    Sunday Munch

    Is there a more misunderstood genre of movies than the monster movie?

    By no common sense film criticism could Anaconda be regarded as a really great piece of cinema. But is it fun? Is it bloody stupidly great big bags of fun? Of course it is. It's a great laugh. It's just a shame that this kind of film is in danger of dying out thanks to the overly trowelled on bollocks trotted out by SyFy and the…


  • Mynt Marsellus

    ★★ Watched by Mynt Marsellus 28 Jul, 2015

    Ummm... This is not a good movie. If you're a Jon Voight completionist its probably worth watching cause he is bananas. But thats about it. Its a bad movie :P


  • Infernal King

    ★★★ Watched by Infernal King 25 Jul, 2015

    All Nicki Minaj jokes aside, Anaconda is an abysmally ephemeral Hollywood creature feature, replete with tremendously shitty late 90's CGI.

    So why did I watch this movie?

    Because heaven sent us an angel, and his name is Jon Voight.

    He's one of my favorite actors and after reading the hype surrounding his incredibly bizarre performance, I had high expectations which, needless to say, were easily surpassed. This man knows how to chew the scenery as much as anyone.

    Saint Voight's…


  • Robert Cullen

    ★★½ Rewatched by Robert Cullen 16 Jul, 2015

    I was watching it with the Rifftrax. This movie is as stupid as I remembered (in an endearing way), but the riffing was pretty topnotch.

    Rifftrax score: ★★★★


  • Jordan Smith

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    To anyone with a love for Ice Cube's timeless 1993 single "It Was a Good Day" like yours truly, his first line of dialogue will resonate: "Yeah, well, today's a good day." It definitely was, Ice Cube, because I watched Anaconda. Released in 1997, Anaconda features three paragons of 90s-ness: Jennifer Lopez, the aforementioned Ice Cube and Eric Stoltz, who wisely spends much of the movie's 89-minute runtime in a wasp-induced coma (aside from a moment in which he comes…


  • Austin Wolf-Sothern

    ★★★★★ Rewatched by Austin Wolf-Sothern 06 Jun, 2015

    Jon Voight gives what may well be the greatest performance in motion picture history. He doesn't deliver a single line or display a single facial expression that is not brilliantly funny. And capping it off with that wink! Perfect.


  • Simon9688

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  • Naughty

    ★★★★ Watched by Naughty 29 May, 2015 3

    Film #30 of the "Scavenger Hunt 2" Challenge!
    Task #27 : A film that is a guilty pleasure that you HAVE seen before and prize highly! However no one would EVER expect you to love it!

    Yes! I love this film!

    Yes! I sought emergency treatment to no avail!

    It is one of the most entertaining and enjoyable modern day creature feature flicks out there!

    It has not one but two gloriously over the top villains! I…


  • Dubzi

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    Ice cube is in this movie. 10/10.