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ACADEMY AWARDS: Best Motion Picture


Vanessa 529 films Edit

Awarded for: Best Picture of the Year

The Academy Award for Best Picture is one of the Academy Awards presented…

  • Greed
  • The Letter
  • An American Tragedy
  • The Miracle Woman
  • Blondie of the Follies

Is this available on a Region 1 (North America) DVD?

Just figured how to check Amazon throught this site, so I'll add into the notes any availabilty for these hard…

  • Traffic
  • Erin Brockovich
  • Awakenings
  • An Unmarried Woman
  • Spotlight
  • The Claim
  • The Class
  • Class Act
  • Claudia
  • Clay Pigeons

Videohound 2 1/2 star (or bone) rating out of 4 (latest edition)

Being a) a lover of cinema; b) a peruser of film books and movie criticism; and c) an enthusiast of…

  • Steve Jobs
  • Trumbo
  • The Imitation Game
  • American Hustle
  • August: Osage County

Academy Award Nominees-Not Favorites

Andrew R.

Andrew R. 124 films Edit

Films that were nominated for Best Picture or an acting award at the Oscars that I sadly don't deem…

  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  • Metropolis
  • Frankenstein
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • Rebecca
  • The Racket
  • 7th Heaven
  • Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans
  • Wings
  • Alibi

Oscar Best Picture Nominees

All of the movies ever nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars.

Here's what I think about some of the…

  • Wings
  • The Racket
  • 7th Heaven
  • Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans
  • Chang: A Drama of the Wilderness

Every Film Ever Nominated For An Academy Award In Any Category (Clone)

Chase Heinrich

Chase Heinrich 800 films Edit

Every film that has ever been nominated for an Academy Award in any category. Enjoy!

  • The Crowd
  • Letters from Iwo Jima
  • The Ten Commandments
  • Sounder
  • Elmer Gantry
  • M
  • The Invisible Man
  • Only Angels Have Wings
  • The Testament of Dr. Mabuse
  • Destry Rides Again
  • Wings
  • The Racket
  • 7th Heaven
  • The Broadway Melody
  • Alibi

Academy Award for Best Picture - Nominations

Jeff King

Jeff King 528 films Edit

My track record of seeing the movies nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture. Much like my project to…

  • Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans
  • Chang: A Drama of the Wilderness
  • The Crowd
  • Wings
  • The Racket

Best Picture Oscar Nominees

Every film nominated for the top prize at the Academy Awards. For the first ceremony there were two awards that…