Bangkok Dangerous Bangkok Dangerous

There's only one way out.

When carrying out a hit, assassin Joe (Cage) always makes use of the knowledge of the local population. On arriving in Bangkok, Joe meets street kid Kong and he becomes his primary aide. But when Kong is nearly killed, he asks Joe to train him up in the deadly arts and unwittingly becomes a target of a band of killers.

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PORN!!! .....................................(well sort of)


DirkH 234 films 61 123

A list with film titles that could easily have been titles of porn movies.

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There must be hundreds of examples of bad poster and cover art so suggest away.

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Films about Hitmen/Assassins


Simone 97 films 31 105

I love Hitmen and Assassins. If they are the main focus of the film, it's almost always awesome. I don't…