• Chris Alley

    Watched by Chris Alley 04 Aug, 2012

    Riggins & Landry vs Aliens! Better than I ever thought it was going to be. The action scenes were fun and the special effects were top notch.


  • Sarfaraz Abbasi

    ★½ Added by Sarfaraz Abbasi

    Peter Berg should be ashamed of making this movie. This is seriously an insult on Hollywood production. I am still pondering whether why did Liam Neeson (one of my top-favorite actors) agree to star in this pathetic movie? This film contains silly plot, naive actors (although Rihanna proved her potentiality as would-be actress). Special-effects are worth praising, but even this couldn't save this failed film.

    Do not waste your precious time on this so-called alien movie.


  • CT_Sexybeast

    ½ Watched by CT_Sexybeast 24 Jan, 2015 4

    Wow....that was embarrassing......


  • David Artiss

    ★★★★ Rewatched by David Artiss 20 Jan, 2015

    I know it's desperately unpopular to like this film... but I do. Lots of action, lots of fun and long enough that it's not all over too quickly (unlike a lot of other action films).


  • ogarcia0117

    ★★★★★ Added by ogarcia0117

    Awesome movie! I love how they go to pick up the battleship from the museum and the old squids are lined up and ready to fight to the death on their lady of the sea. It truly caused a tear to drop in my man furnace.


  • FreakOnALeash

    ★★★ Watched by FreakOnALeash 10 Jan, 2015

    I had no idea this was based off the Hasbro Battleship game until I saw it in the credits. That made it all the more cooler to me.
    Solid action/alien film.


  • Wes Ball

    ½ Added by Wes Ball

    I cannot write enough to let you all know how utterly awful this movie was. The one reason I was remotely interested in seeing it was because it had Liam Neeson in it. They advertised him as having a nice chunk of screen time, but apparently this was a gimmick to get people to actually come see it. He was only on screen for around 10 minutes, and even saying that long would be generous.

    The story (what little there…


  • Michael Cotter

    Watched by Michael Cotter 22 Apr, 2014

    Didn't finish


  • Bruce D.

    ★★½ Watched by Bruce D. 05 Oct, 2014

    Watched at Home on Netflix Blu-ray


  • Gardy

    ½ Watched by Gardy 03 Jan, 2015

    Beltade di Taylor in divisa cinque e mezzo, qualità oggettiva del film meno cinque = mezza stelletta, e mi sento già generosa.

    Puro #TaylorDOOM.


  • zioluc

    ★★½ Watched by zioluc 13 Apr, 2012

    cagatona da popcorn, ma sapendolo già e ne avevo voglia: mi sono divertito. Visto da solo a Roma


  • Tatiana

    ★★ Watched by Tatiana 01 Jan, 2015

    Not too bad really. It was entertaining through out.