• Chris Vallée

    Watched by Chris Vallée 29 Jul, 2016


    If you're already face palming 5 minutes into a film, there is most certainly a problem. I can't say I actually had any illusions that this was going to be a good movie, but it was still startling to see just how bad it actually was. The movie begins with a group of scientists developing and activating a signal to be sent to make contact with an earth-like planet, which is perhaps one of the most asinine and unbelievable…


  • jackieburkhart

    ½ Watched by jackieburkhart 28 Jul, 2016 2

    I was only half conscious when the decision to watch this was made


  • adrianbalboa

    Rewatched by adrianbalboa 28 Jul, 2016

    ah taylor kitsch and alexander skarsgard.......my 2 favorite boys who starred in questionable hbo shows that begin with the word True


  • C.R. Blazo

    ½ Watched by C.R. Blazo 24 Jul, 2016

    What a horrible pile of crap. This film was just bad from all aspects and I don't even want to waste my time breaking it down.


  • princesswarrior

    ★★★½ Watched by princesswarrior 22 Jul, 2016

    I wanted action and action is what I got!!!!
    Why does everyone hate this?
    When you even have a vague idea of what you're going into with this type of movie, surely it's just best to enjoy it for what it is? Idk, if you hate it I'd love to know why...
    The CGI/special effects gave me goosebumps so many times, so I'm gonna recommend it to people who want to watch an action movie.


  • Boost

    ★★★★ Rewatched by Boost 16 Jul, 2016

    Great effects, thrilling story. It's predictable and cheesy, but that's the point. It's a fun popcorn movie that's well directed and exciting.


  • dEL

    ½ Watched by dEL 24 Feb, 2013



  • shamulia

    Rewatched by shamulia 16 Jul, 2016



  • Rick Burton

    ★★½ Rewatched by Rick Burton 09 Jul, 2016

    Big, noisy, loud.


  • SHartery

    ★★ Watched by SHartery 06 Jul, 2016

    It's like an even more bland ID4 though the Friday Night Lights alums do well to try to save it.


  • Glenn McGookin

    ★★★★★ Watched by Glenn McGookin 02 Jul, 2016

    If you love Battlefield L.A, you'll love this. Action packed and awesome effects. Defo worth a watch.


  • bones

    ★½ Watched by bones 30 Jun, 2016

    This is basically a bad Pacific Rim.