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  • The Great Train Robbery
  • The Kid
  • Sherlock, Jr.
  • Battleship Potemkin
  • The Gold Rush

All-Time List

This is the list of all the movies I have seen in my lifetime. I have been keeping this list…

  • ¡Alambrista!
  • 2 Autumns 3 Winters
  • 2 or 3 Things I Know About Her
  • 8½
  • 11 Flowers



boxninja 1,517 films Edit

  • Hitchcock
  • Hugo
  • Adaptation.
  • Be Kind Rewind
  • Behind the Screen

Films about Film Making


Talisa 22 films Edit

A compendium of films that detail the film making process. Including directing, acting, making of, film history and film analysis.

  • Cul-de-Sac
  • Modern Times
  • Ride with the Devil
  • Che: Part One
  • Che: Part Two

DVD's I own that I have yet to watch....

Here is a list of the DVD's I own that I have yet to watch.... As per some of my…

  • The Dark Knight
  • Taken
  • In Bruges
  • Revolutionary Road
  • Burn After Reading
  • Stand by Me
  • Nosferatu
  • Vampire's Kiss
  • On the Waterfront
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Favorite Fuckin' SHows haha

These are the best movies ever made!
It's not sorted, other than Stand By Me. It might be one day,…

  • Abel's Field
  • About a Boy
  • The Abyss
  • Accepted
  • Adam's Rib



Polly 288 films Edit

  • Scream 2
  • Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers
  • Citizen Kane
  • To Kill a Mockingbird
  • My Soul to Take
  • Parkland
  • I Spit On Your Grave 2
  • Paranoia
  • Lovelace
  • Europa Report
  • Interstellar
  • The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
  • Annie
  • Gone Girl
  • Batman

My Movie Collection

Shawn Stubbs

Shawn Stubbs 530 films Edit

My collection of Blu-rays, DVDs, Digital Copies and even a few VHS tapes I still own for some reason.

  • Withnail & I
  • A Knight's Tale
  • Hamlet
  • Green Street Hooligans
  • Blood Diamond

Prateek's Film Canon

Pratek Tondare

Pratek Tondare 285 films Edit

Restricted this list exclusively for 'our generation' films. Few exceptions.
2004 was the best year for films, among all from…

  • Voice of a Murderer
  • On My Way
  • 50/50
  • Irreversible
  • The Fault in Our Stars

Drama queen

Felipe Pinho

Felipe Pinho 979 films 1 Edit

Hard, soft, based on a true story, fiction... Films that make you emotional, in a good or bad way.