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  • South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
  • It's Such a Beautiful Day
  • The Iron Giant
  • Akira
  • The Thief and the Cobbler

My All-Time Favorite Animated Films Ranked


My once-deleted, now-updated list of favorite animated features.

There are plenty of others that I enjoy, but these…

  • 21 Jump Street
  • 22 Jump Street
  • 300
  • 300: Rise of an Empire
  • 2012

My Movie Collection

Exactly what it says. This is my movie collection, listing all (or most) of the features and shorts that I…

  • Madame Bovary
  • Heartbeats
  • Mommy
  • The Founder
  • Why Him?

Watchlist 2017

Filme die ich unbedingt sehen will und einige davon hoffentlich 2017 schaffe zu sehen. Die Liste dient mir als Inspiration.

  • Frequency
  • American Psycho
  • Scream
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Last Action Hero
  • The Big Lebowski
  • Pink Floyd: The Wall
  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
  • Pee-wee's Big Adventure
  • Koyaanisqatsi

Under the Influence: The Best Films to Watch High (ongoing)

I don't know no Sweetback.

Not trying to pick drug-oriented films, necessarily. If you like good movies, and a zesty…

  • Can't Stop the Music
  • Cruising
  • The Formula
  • Friday the 13th
  • The Jazz Singer

Every Film Ever Nominated for a Razzie Award

Every film that has ever been nominated for a Razzie Award in any category.

  • Journey to the Center of the Earth
  • Casablanca
  • Ben-Hur
  • Pillow Talk
  • Plan 9 from Outer Space

All time


Gonich 3,108 films

  • Submarine Sandwich
  • Toy Story
  • Rushmore
  • Robin Hood
  • Swiss Army Man

Director Filmographies and Where I Stand

This is going to be a list of directors I have seen at least 5 films from, ranked by how…

  • 3:10 to Yuma
  • Skyfall
  • The Adventures of Tintin
  • Agora
  • Apollo 13

My DVD/Bluray collection

As my interest in movies grew, so did my desire to own my favourites. hence my collection started to grow.…

  • Kill Bill: Vol. 1
  • Yojimbo
  • Big Trouble in Little China
  • Assault on Precinct 13
  • 12 Angry Men

2017 First Time Watches Ranked


xl9 60 films

Just what it sounds like. Shorts need not apply.

Please note this is ranked both on the quality of the…

  • 10 Things I Hate About You
  • 1941
  • 1990: The Bronx Warriors
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • 24 Hour Party People

Cine Insomnia: Midnight Movies

Madelyn M.

Madelyn M. 443 films

Famous midnight movies, the name "Cine Insomnia" comes from a theater that shows midnight movies frequently. Question your life while…

  • Jaws
  • Dawn of the Dead
  • Bride of Frankenstein
  • The Shawshank Redemption
  • The Blues Brothers

My All Time Favorites

Joel Clark

Joel Clark 102 films

Trying to keep it at 50.

But its hard with so many great movies