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  • Stand by Me Stand by Me
  • Nosferatu Nosferatu
  • Vampire's Kiss Vampire's Kiss
  • On the Waterfront On the Waterfront
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Favorite Fuckin' SHows haha

These are the best movies ever made!
It's not sorted, other than Stand By Me. It might be one day,…

  • The Aviator The Aviator
  • The Departed The Departed
  • Badlands Badlands
  • The Kingdom The Kingdom
  • The Kingdom II The Kingdom II

My Entire Scheduled Watchlist

Josiah Morgan

Josiah Morgan 2,401 films 15 26

Basically my current scheduled watchlist, I will hopefully watch these in this order although it depends on when I can…

  • Summer Interlude Summer Interlude
  • Sawdust and Tinsel Sawdust and Tinsel
  • Smiles of a Summer Night Smiles of a Summer Night
  • The Seventh Seal The Seventh Seal
  • Wild Strawberries Wild Strawberries



david 249 films

my collection. no particular order yet other than attempting to group by director and more lightly by genre or my…

  • Fight Club Fight Club
  • Avatar Avatar
  • Shrek Forever After Shrek Forever After
  • Hancock Hancock
  • Jonah Hex Jonah Hex

The Best List Ever...


Vandalism 235 films 1

Watched Movies.

  • Fantasia Fantasia
  • Akira Akira
  • Vampires in Havana Vampires in Havana
  • Ghost in the Shell Ghost in the Shell
  • When the Wind Blows When the Wind Blows



santi71 16 films

  • 13 Going On 30 13 Going On 30
  • 50 First Dates 50 First Dates
  • A.I. Artificial Intelligence A.I. Artificial Intelligence
  • Alien³ Alien³
  • The Asphalt Jungle The Asphalt Jungle

Movie Titles That Are Oxymorons


russman 106 films 16 13

I may have taken some liberties with a few of these. Feel free to comment with more and I will…

  • 2 Guns 2 Guns
  • 12 Angry Men 12 Angry Men
  • Twelve Monkeys Twelve Monkeys
  • 12 Years a Slave 12 Years a Slave
  • 21 Jump Street 21 Jump Street

Movie collection


Amund 744 films

Pretty basic. All the movies I own on either blu-ray or DVD in alphabetical order. The only thing that isn't…

  • (500) Days of Summer (500) Days of Summer
  • 50/50 50/50
  • '77 '77
  • A Civil Action A Civil Action
  • A Dirty Shame A Dirty Shame

Tickets, Please

Odd Just Odd

Odd Just Odd 296 films

Movies I have seen in the theater.

  • Submarine Submarine
  • The Faculty The Faculty
  • Mr. Brooks Mr. Brooks
  • Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny
  • Wristcutters: A Love Story Wristcutters: A Love Story



Andrew 105 films

  • The Hunger The Hunger
  • Trouble Every Day Trouble Every Day
  • Martin Martin
  • Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
  • Vamps Vamps
  • Casino Casino
  • Goodfellas Goodfellas
  • The Departed The Departed
  • Shooter Shooter
  • Half Baked Half Baked
  • Trainspotting Trainspotting
  • Sleepers Sleepers
  • Fargo Fargo
  • Jerry Maguire Jerry Maguire
  • Sling Blade Sling Blade