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  • The Hunger The Hunger
  • Trouble Every Day Trouble Every Day
  • Martin Martin
  • Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
  • Vamps Vamps
  • Noroi Noroi
  • Odd Thomas Odd Thomas
  • Bill Hicks: Revelations Bill Hicks: Revelations
  • Harvey Harvey
  • Planet Earth Planet Earth

Some Really Good Movies


dave 135 films

this is a list of my favourites, lots of really good flicks in here

  • Taxi Driver Taxi Driver
  • Jaws Jaws
  • 3 Women 3 Women
  • Picnic at Hanging Rock Picnic at Hanging Rock
  • The Godfather The Godfather

My 200+ Favorite Films of All-Time

Dylan Tyner

Dylan Tyner 220 films 11 10

The top 10 or so films are relatively in order. If I were to start putting the rest of the…

  • Mars Needs Moms Mars Needs Moms
  • Reflections of a Blender Reflections of a Blender
  • Metalhead Metalhead
  • Beavis and Butt-Head Do America Beavis and Butt-Head Do America
  • Catfish Catfish

100 days, 100 movies

andre luiz

andre luiz 79 films 1

July 12nd - October 21st

  • Black Hawk Down Black Hawk Down
  • U-571 U-571
  • Jarhead Jarhead
  • Letters from Iwo Jima Letters from Iwo Jima
  • Flags of Our Fathers Flags of Our Fathers

My film collection


Alex 1,433 films

Here's a complete list of my movie collection.

  • Brazil Brazil
  • Nostalghia Nostalghia
  • The Sacrifice The Sacrifice
  • Tideland Tideland
  • The Zero Theorem The Zero Theorem

My Entire Scheduled Watchlist

Josiah Morgan

Josiah Morgan 2,400 films 2

Basically my current scheduled watchlist, I will hopefully watch these in this order although it depends on when I can…

  • The Drop The Drop
  • The Expendables 3 The Expendables 3
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Lucy Lucy
  • A Most Wanted Man A Most Wanted Man

Movies Watched at the Cinema


SvetlanaMonsoon 367 films

A log of the movies I've paid to see (or seen for free, or sneaked into) at a cinema going…

  • Ferris Bueller's Day Off Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  • Teen Wolf Teen Wolf
  • The Breakfast Club The Breakfast Club
  • American Pie American Pie
  • Boyhood Boyhood

Teenage Wasteland: A Comprehensive List of Coming-of-Age films

Movie Maestro

Movie Maestro 1,256 films 387 23

[after his parents have left, thinking he is ill] "They bought it. Incredible! One of the worst performances of my…

  • Boyhood Boyhood
  • 12 Years a Slave 12 Years a Slave
  • Zero Dark Thirty Zero Dark Thirty
  • Drive Drive
  • Inception Inception
  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
  • 21 Grams 21 Grams
  • Dracula Dracula
  • Dracula Has Risen from the Grave Dracula Has Risen from the Grave
  • Taste the Blood of Dracula Taste the Blood of Dracula


Jim Cannon

Jim Cannon 220 films

Because sometimes it doesn't come in blu, just can't find it near you, or just isn't the version you like!

  • (500) Days of Summer (500) Days of Summer
  • 50/50 50/50
  • '77 '77
  • A Civil Action A Civil Action
  • A Dirty Shame A Dirty Shame

Tickets, Please

Odd Just Odd

Odd Just Odd 289 films

Movies I have seen in the theater.

  • 13 Assassins 13 Assassins
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • 2012 2012
  • 2046 2046
  • In the Mood for Love In the Mood for Love

Driver's New and Improved DVD Collection


Driver 966 films 15 45

I'm a hoarder. Deal with it.

Current number: 966
Watched: 56% (534 out of 966)