• Cody Hunter

    ★½ Watched by Cody Hunter 02 Apr, 2014

    So, I'm really supposed to believe this is about a true friendship and a love gone bad and how it's all good if we follow our Lord Humongous who "dominates his women and they fucking love him for it"?

    I used to be torn about this one. The further I stand from it I am more disturbed by the treatment of female characters (and writing of all the characters for that matter). These two friends (who I believe are the…


  • autre

    ½ Watched by autre 16 Mar, 2011

    The absolute worst.


  • fatpie42

    ½ Watched by fatpie42 19 Nov, 2013

    So in spite of a great beginning, the second half of "Bellflower" is self-indulgent, navel-gazing, disgusting and misogynistic. A pretty movie with one of the sweetest relationships ever in the first half, but which loses its way so badly in the second half that it probably isn't worth your time.

    My full review is here:


  • Eugene McCrann

    ★★★★½ Added by Eugene McCrann

    The combination of laconic conversational etiquette - the introverted, eager to please exterior - and a testosterone undercurrent of rage is spot on. Men like this are clearly a bad example, filled with aspirations to be Lord Humongous - he dominates his women, and they love him for it - and then losing that inkling at the first sign of honeymoon romance, then backtracking double time onto the former: the anger becomes so overbearing that it consumes the actual narrative,…


  • Chris

    Watched by Chris 27 Jan, 2014

    What is this film trying to portray? It seems to want to comment on the destructive nature of breakups, with a focus on bruised machismo, but then equivocates at the end with an absurd cop-out. Not that the possible ending before the twist was that mcuh better, with it's absurd, borderline disgusting final bloodbath, but at least that had the potential to comment on the emotionally violent, sometimes warlike nature of breakups. But they threw it all away for a…


  • Eric Szyszka

    ★★★★ Added by Eric Szyszka

    Trying not to highlight recent films but came across this and saw so many negative reviews. Come on, folks. If you haven't seen this yet, give it a chance. I was fortunate enough to see a double feature of Bellflower and Mad Max back in 2011.


  • tomsk

    ★★★★ Watched by tomsk 30 Nov, 2011

    It just flows with the energy that the filmmakers have put in. for me, that, and also the parallels of the makers and their characters, was actually what made the film good. it was quite obvious that the story gave way to the visuals and the atmosphere and chance for them to tinker with all the props which were an actual working machines and flamethrowers etc.
    well, the ending was quite awful and over-the-top-in-a-bad-way, until the Keevil's pitiful song came…


  • JaumeMuntane

    ★★★ Watched by JaumeMuntane 09 Jan, 2014

    Dos amics obsessionats en l'apocalipsis made in Mad Max es trobaran inmersos en una versió apocaliptica i destructiva de 500 dias juntos. Destaca la cuidada, atractiva i curiosa estètica de la pel.licula, rodada amb només 17.000 dòlars.


  • The Film Fox

    ★★ Watched by The Film Fox 10 Jan, 2014

    Not sure if I missed something with this one...it gets a 72 metascore and 74% rotten onions score. Plays like a jazzed up student film shot through Instagram.


  • Phil Newton

    ★★★ Watched by Phil Newton 04 Jan, 2014

    Woodrow (Evan Glodell) and Aiden (Tyler Dawson) are Mad Max obsessives, determined to build their own flame-thrower and customise a muscle-car (Medusa) ready for the apocalypse. Woodrow falls in love with Milly (Jessie Wiseman), but when their relationship sours, violence and tragedy follows. A micro-budgeted feature from writer/director Glodell, Bellflower is both naive and ambitious, yet never less than interesting despite some of its narrative flaws. There's a raw, dirty aesthetic about the film which impresses, and the Medusa itself is a thing of beauty.


  • Edgar Cochran

    ★★★½ Watched by Edgar Cochran 04 Jan, 2014

    Personally, I take Bellflower's message as this: Inner turmoils can be more devastating than any delusional apocalyptic catastrophes.

    The unexpectedly powerful two last chapters of this extremely original take about two friends that never face their upcoming adulthood phase through the construction of flamethrowers, mass destruction weapons and an apocalyptic flame-throwing Mad-Max-inspired black car, awaiting for the end of the world to come soon while making an aggressive statement to anybody that may stumble upon them, have been slowly growing…


  • Alex Aloise

    ★★★★ Watched by Alex Aloise 12 Dec, 2013

    A Review Haiku

    Broken hearts and cars.
    Every great romance should hurt,
    Burn. Watch it all burn.