• Kevin Matthews

    ★★★★½ Watched by Kevin Matthews 01 Jul, 2015

    A beautiful, strange look at love and madness, featuring great performances from Deborah Kerr, Kathleen Byron, David Farrar, and many others. Classic.


  • Joren Cain

    ★★★★★ Rewatched by Joren Cain 30 Jun, 2015

    Between this, "Colonel Blimp," and "The Red Shoes," it's indisputable that Michael Powell was one the best directors in all of cinema. A beautiful synthesis of acting, cinematography, music, art direction, and mood, "Black Natcissus" pits 5 or so nuns against nature. Like the character of Mr. Dean, Werner Herzog could have predicted that they never would have lasted on that mountain. But the film, part romance and part horror, leads down paths that are both unpredictable and truthful.


  • Aya Vandenbussche

    ★★★★ Watched by Aya Vandenbussche 30 Jun, 2015

    Stunningly shot, excellent atmosphere to the whole film and it is all very strange and ominous, The ending surprised me. It is hard to resist the Powel and Pressburger magic!


  • Luke Pinion

    ★★★½ Watched by Luke Pinion 28 Jun, 2015

    Alamo Ritz in 35mm @ 4:15 P.M.


  • Timcop

    ★★★★★ Rewatched by Timcop 28 Jun, 2015

    The second film about sexually repressed nuns going mad in a remote location that I've seen this week, this time featuring way less systematic torture. Who would've thought that technicolor could be so terrifying.


  • laird

    ★★★★½ Rewatched by laird 28 Jun, 2015

    "Immaculate in its conception and second to nun!" - rejected tagline

    It's a slow fuse, but I'd say based on the way the temperature in the room suddenly rose, the wick makes contact with the powder right about where there's a close-up of Sister Ruth very deliberately putting on lipstick. See also "sultry" in the dictionary. She'd gone native.


  • Zack McGhee

    ★★★★½ Rewatched by Zack McGhee 28 Jun, 2015

    Sister, this movie really puts a problem like Maria in perspective.


  • Fireballoon

    ★★★★½ Watched by Fireballoon 27 Jun, 2015

    In 1947, the producer-director team of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger (The Red Shoes) brought to the screen "Black Narcissus," based on a novel by Rumer Godden. A winner of Academy Awards for its gorgeous color cinematography and also for art direction, the film is an erotic masterpiece, a favorite of director Martin Scorcese. The story concerns a group of Anglican nuns who seek to establish a school and hospital in a donated palace high above a village in the…


  • Patrick

    ★★★★ Watched by Patrick 28 Jun, 2015

    "I think you can see too far."

    Sanctity, sin, temptation, faith and beauty respire through every frame of Powell and Pressburger's beautiful adaptation of Rumer Godden's controversial novel. Jack Cardiff's dazzling technicolor cinematography are among the most inestimable ever captured on film. A real cinematic treat.


  • John Sant

    ★★★★★ Rewatched by John Sant 14 Jun, 2015

    14 June 2015 🔄 ★★★★★


  • rkornhauser

    ★★★★★ Rewatched by rkornhauser 31 May, 2015

    Debe de tener los mejores Crazy Eyes del cine. Ah, los conflictos de la pasión y la religión, cuántas horas de reflexión y arte pueden darnos.


  • Cameren Lee

    Watched by Cameren Lee 04 Jun, 2015

    In a fair world, Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger would be just as much household names as Hitchcock. Of course, a fair world would also give the works of Jacques Rivette a decent Region 1 presence so that I could actually see them.