Breakin' All the Rules Breakin' All the Rules

When it comes to getting dumped... He wrote the book.

Inspired by his fiancée (who dumped him), a man publishes a break-up handbook for men, becoming a bestselling author in the process.

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Films I Translated

I've been translating films professionally since 2000. Here they are. (list constantly updated)

  • Last Vegas
  • The DUFF
  • This Is the End
  • Project X
  • 21 & Over

not-so-serious movies


naisha 30 films 9 Edit

this is a list of movies that are just for fun and really make you have a good time!!! ^_^

  • Dangerous Ground
  • I'm Bout It
  • I Got the Hook Up
  • L.A. Without a Map
  • The Wood

Soundtrack: Mystikal


russman 38 films 1 5 Edit

Because for some reason I heard "Shake Ya Ass" in multiple movies I watched this month.

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