• Capt_Soupy

    ★★★ Watched by Capt_Soupy 20 Jan, 2016

    Holy hell, this ensemble! This was sort of a magical period for everyone involved. It won't make the highlight reel of anyone's career, but the novelty of having so much talent under one roof doesn't wear off during the running time.

    Unexpectedly, the only players who stand out as wooden are Alan Alda and Jane Fonda. They're kind of... stagey? Is that even a legitimate criticism when dealing with a Neil Simon script? Their segments are the most laden with…


  • Chris Hormann

    ★★★½ Watched by Chris Hormann 02 Jan, 2016

    A film in which Bill Cosby's character surreptitiously drugs his co-star in order to take advantage...

    This is a star-studded adaptation of Neil Simon's play - four stories all centred on a hotel in LA. While the canvas may be wider on film than at the theatre, this still feels like a theatrical piece - sometimes bedroom farce, sometimes verbal pas-de-deux and just occasionally a profound look at relationships and the compromises we make in them.

    The joy is watching…


  • Warriors

    ★★★★ Added by Warriors 1

    Very entertaining movie with a lot of great actors. You could say that you have to be careful when a lot of famous actors are in a movie, but in this case it is a blessing!
    It all happens in a hotel and the different situations are sometimes funny and sometimes tragic.


  • M.R. Turnage

    ★★ Watched by M.R. Turnage 14 Sep, 2015

    They say that tragedy plus time equals comedy. Unfortunately, comedy plus time equals stale, dated, and incredibly unfunny comedy.

    I rented this movie because I was under the impression that Elaine May directed it. (She didn't.) Even without her directorial hand at work, she is by far the best thing about the film, delivering the best line and giving the best performance. Unfortunately, she only shows up at the end and is in the film for a very brief period…


  • Husejn Mujkanović

    ★★★★ Watched by Husejn Mujkanović 23 Jul, 2015

    Pored plejade odličnih glumaca, i komičara, film o grupi raznih profila ljudi koji se nađu u hotelu, za odmor, poslovno, ili da bi se sreli sa porodicom, uglavnom lijep film sa humorom kad ljudi ponižavaju jedni druge, al tako pametno i sarkastično napisano da pored smijeha, kažeš: auuu što ga mu spusti.


  • Glenn Dunks

    ★★★ Added by Glenn Dunks

    Jane Fonda/Alan Alda + Maggie Smith/Michael Caine are working in a five-star movie. Walter Matthau/Elaine May + Bill Cosby/Richard Pryor are working in a one-star movie. Throw in the amazing opening credits and split the difference.



    ★★★ Rewatched by MARTIN BRADLEY 12 Apr, 2015

    Neil Simon adapted his own play CALIFORNIA SUITE for the screen and director Herbert Ross opened it up very nicely. Fundamentally this is four one-act plays set around a Los Angeles hotel and ranging from the semi-serious, (the Jane Fonda/Alan Alda one and the one with Maggie Smith and Michael Caine), to the farcical, (Walter Matthau and Elaine May and the one with Bill Cosby and Richard Pryor as a couple of doctors), and while the performances carry the serious…


  • alec_dotty

    ★★★½ Added by alec_dotty

    the jane fonda bits are too dramatic, and the richard pryor (and bill cosby xD) bits too slapstick. walter matthau and maggie smith make the film work.


  • robgordon

    ★★★ Added by robgordon

    En sus diferentes episodios, no conectados entre sí, puedes preferir los dramáticos o los cómicos. Los primeros son el mejor ejemplo del Neil Simon como excelente dialoguista, los segundos, deudores del slapstick. Yo me quedo con los segundos, sólo por el simple hecho de ver a Walter Matthau dar un recital gestual como marido que acaba de cometer una infidelidad y con el aciago fin de semana que pasan Richard Pryor y Bill Cosby, a pesar de que algunos de…


  • Monica Pallotta

    ★★★½ Watched by Monica Pallotta 12 Jan, 2015

    throughout january, TCM showcased the voluminous work of neil simon. i watched this film as a double feature alongside simon's "plaza suite". both films were very similar in structure yet so diverse in terms of characters. in "california suite" we focus on
    an ageing oscar nominated actress (maggie smith who actually won an oscar for this role)
    an uptight mother (played by jane fonda) who comes to california to take her daughter back home from her ex,
    two doctors (played…


  • Christina

    ★★½ Watched by Christina 26 Jan, 2015

    Movie with 4 interlocking stories with Maggie Smith in an Oscar winning role.

    Good: The individual stories are mostly interesting but the Alan Alda/Jane Fonda and Maggie Smith/Michael Caine appealed to me the most.
    Bad: Richard Pryor and Bill Cosby bickering was not fun to watch.
    Meh: Even though the individual piece worked, put together the movie was kinda dull.

    "We should never have come. I never know how to dress in this bloody country. It is so easy to dress in England. You just put on warm clothing."


  • Ed Scheid

    ★★★ Rewatched by Ed Scheid 10 Jan, 2015

    A top cast adds to the appeal of this Neil Simon comedy. The best stories are the first 2. Jane Fonda and Alan Ada expertly parry each other's pointed comments about New York vs LA. Maggie Smith (Oscar-winner) as an Oscar nominee and Michael Caine as her bisexual husband are superb in a segment with more depth than usual Neil Simon. Walter Matthau and Elaine May are fun in a slight pieces about a man waking up to a hooker…