• Warriors

    ★★★★½ Added by Warriors 1

    De Niro plays this caracter so hilareous and furious that it gives you the creeps!
    Nick Nolte has a part that is strange for him but he does a good job and also Jessica Lange and Juliette Lewis are very good!
    Good script too!
    Directed by Scorsese! Always great cinema!


  • A.J.

    ★★★½ Watched by A.J. 17 Nov, 2015

    Cape Fear is a tense, claustrophobic thriller film with excellent performances.
    Sadly, the final act is one of the silliest, most over-the-top sequences I've ever witnessed.


  • Mychal Stanley

    ★★★ Watched by Mychal Stanley 16 Nov, 2015

    Marty aims low and mostly misses, unfortunately (but he would get his second try with SHUTTER ISLAND). It’s about 20-30 minutes too long, and the entire movie is so heightened, that it barely has anywhere to go once it gets to the climax. But it does get to the climax eventually, and the houseboat sequence is pretty gangbusters (and pretty much the sole reason this is 3 stars instead of 2.5). But overall, too many missteps to get there. Making…


  • Paul Reese

    ★★★★ Added by Paul Reese

    The remake of the 1962 thriller "Cape Fear" (starring Gregory Peck and Robert Mitchum) comes very easy as being labeled the most popart film of all the filmography owned so tightly by director Martin Scorsese. From the complete lifting of the original film’s Bernard Herrmann score to the almost Hitchcockian cinematography schemes, De Palma should definitely be looking at this movie with a big grin on his face. Tonally vibrant like a Tex Avery cartoon while being gum-on-the-bottom-of-the-shoe repulsive at…


  • SJHoneywell

    ★★★ Added by SJHoneywell

    Changes the base story
    In bad ways. De Niro is
    The reason to watch.



  • Jessie

    ★★★★ Watched by Jessie 11 Nov, 2015

    Damn, Robert DeNiro. He's nothing short of flawless as Max Cady, taking creepy to the next level. I found myself forgetting his other films while watching this, forgetting he's just an actor and not some actual psycho they let in the film.

    This version of the film stays very true to the original, with a less likable Bowden, and more interesting wife and daughter. I really appreciate the appearances by Gregory Peck and Robert Mitchum, and Scorsese clearly had fun…


  • Sal

    ★★★½ Watched by Sal 09 Nov, 2015

    "Thee Bart Thee"
    I really don't understand why people hate this film so much. Again I haven't seen the original so maybe that's why I don't despise it. De Niro is great at being sleazy and charming at the same time. Juliette Lewis is also pretty great and adorable, but also a lot less confident acting wise then she was in Christmas Vacation(which came out 2 years prior). Maybe it's because she's playing a complex character who has no confidence…


  • Sean Whiteman

    Watched by Sean Whiteman 07 Nov, 2015

    With Jesse, Brian, Max, Mary and Christof. All but Max had somehow not seen Scorsese's version (seen original three times). Fantastic looking BLU from library.


  • LiteYear

    ★★★ Watched by LiteYear 05 Nov, 2015

    This review reportedly contains spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I found it difficult to get into this film because of its style choice to mimic thrillers from the classic era of Hollywood. There's a reason films aren't made like that any more. And why the timeless films from that era don't use that heavy handed style. I think it should be possible to make a homage that doesn't feel over the top but Scorsese doesn't subscribe to that approach. He fully commits to embracing everything from the era, the…


  • HannibalChew

    ★★★ Watched by HannibalChew 31 Oct, 2015

    Woah; Amblin Entertainment! Didn't expect that.

    Saul Bass really was the master of opening title sequences; they're always good looking, and the style is pretty much timeless. The movie is very style-heavy, think DePalma meets Raimi plus Scorsese (duh), so tons of dutch angles, crash zooms, quick cuts, split-diopter shots and montages. So it's made for me. There's a montage that's exactly the same as Ash making his metal glove-hand in Army of Darkness, which interestingly enough, came out a…


  • fightclubitis

    ★★★★ Watched by fightclubitis 31 Oct, 2015

    Rétrospective Martin Scorsese à la Cinémathèque

    holy shit! scorsese seems to be having the time of his life, and us with him! what an incredible direction, with all those cuts and zooms. it makes you feel like you're right there with the protagonists. and what about those protagonists. despite the craziness of his character, de niro never overacts, and his constant ambivalence has you wondering pretty often whether you should laugh of be scared at him. aslo, great job by…


  • Paulo Coelho Alves

    ★★★★ Watched by Paulo Coelho Alves 26 Oct, 2015

    Watching this movie brought to the front of my mind what a master Scorsese is. He's able to go from completely over-the-top to quiet, still, unbearably uncomfortable tension in the same movie—and excel at both! The same goes for De Niro, who doesn't miss a beat throughout.