• nicolas1810

    ★★ Watched by nicolas1810 13 Mar, 2015 2

    Ο Kevin Spacey είναι ο Jack Abramoff,φόλα ρεπουμπλικάνος γκράντε λομπίστας της Ουάσινγκτον επί Bush Jr,μέγας φαν του κινηματογράφου τον όποιο υπηρέτησε και σαν παραγωγός, με το αριστούργημα του να είναι το Red Scorpion-η αφίσα του οποίου κοσμεί το γραφείο του-που έχει τη συνήθεια να μιλάει με κινηματογραφικές ατάκες αλλά και να τσεπώνει εκατομμύρια δολάρια που δεν του ανήκουν,κάνοντας κομπίνες κυρίως εξαπατώντας Ινδιάνους,μαζί με το συνεργάτη του Barry Pepper.Γυρισμένη σε ένα πολύ ανάλαφρο στυλ-ενώ τα πραγματικά γεγονότα είναι βέβαιο ότι δεν…


  • Chad Anderson

    ★★★ Watched by Chad Anderson 29 Jan, 2015 4

    I had heard that this was disappointing and yet I had looked forward to seeing this in the wake of Abramoff's release from jail. This is unusually flat and unappealling for a Kevin Spacey vehicle. For a wild true story, I think the mistake was playing this too straight and not playing to some of the more salacious details a la Wolf of Wall Street. As someone who had read through the story as it happened I followed what was…


  • nicktday

    ★★★ Watched by nicktday 27 Jan, 2015

    Two things were foreshadowed in this movie.
    A) Kevin Spacey would be excellent as the future Frank Underwood.
    B) Ridley Scott would direct a Biblical epic.

    One of those was great, the other not so much.


  • Bartman

    ★★½ Added by Bartman

    Kevin Spacey is Jack Abramoff in a straightforward narrative of the scandals that lead to his downfall.
    Casino Jack gives us a fascinating look inside the shady, murky world of lobbyists, convincingly demonstrating that democracy has become an amoral process of buying and selling legislation to the highest bidder.
    It's never boring, the excesses are too blatant for that (a lot of it would play like satire, if it hadn't happened in reality), but the movie does lack an emotional pay-off: there's not much to feel, not even righteous anger.


  • joelhwa

    ★★ Watched by joelhwa 28 Oct, 2011

    4/10: Inspired by true events, started well, the writing in the first hour is spot-on, but in the second hour, it falters, failing to deliver the desired impact especially in the ending. Top performance by Kevin Spacey though.


  • jdetrick

    ★★½ Watched by jdetrick 30 Oct, 2014

    I'm not sure this movie really knows what it wants to do. It seems to be condemning the behaviors of the super lobbyists of the 1990s. At the same time, it paints a relatively sympathetic portrait of Jack Abramoff, the biggest culprit of the behaviors that the movie seems to deplore. I could understand if the movie was trying to say that even super lobbyists are people too, but the other characters who work with Abramoff do not get so sympathetic a treatment; indeed, they are almost treated as caricatures. Odd.


  • Andy Summers

    ★★★ Watched by Andy Summers 27 Sep, 2014

    Kevin Spacey is a two-time Oscar winner for a reason. He's the consummate professional regardless of some of the iffy parts he's taken in the last couple of years. Casino Jack is another of those average films bolstered by a strong performance by South Orange NJ's favorite son, this time focusing on the real life story of America's super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff and the corruption scandal that shamed Washington.
    Jack Abramoff (Spacey) is a lobbyist on Capitol Hill. His clients pay…


  • andytorino

    ★★ Rewatched by andytorino 08 Jan, 2014

    What keeps this lousy movie alive?Kevin Spacey and Gary Pepper. that's it.


  • Challah Bread

    ★½ Watched by Challah Bread 24 Aug, 2014

    You know, for a couple of people who talk about karma all the time and apparently love movies enough to do horrible impressions constantly, they didn't seem to pay too much attention to any Act IIIs. You never cheat on your wife because she'll just undo your campaign and ruin your entire career. And when you're working with people you don't completely trust, you don't forget to do background checks and especially don't leave any loose ends.

    And when you're…


  • Nick Howard

    ★★★★ Watched by Nick Howard 27 May, 2014

    Reminds me of a wonderful 90's film, with Kevin Spacey playing what comes across as a young and reckless Frank Underwood. Recommended to me by Netflix and I'm passing that on.


  • TajLV

    ★★★ Added by TajLV

    Based on a true story that has been called the “Enron of Lobbying,” this film takes some theatric liberties in telling the tale of Jack Abramoff (played by Spacey), a K-Street lobbiest whose greed and hubris knew no bounds. Some real clips of John McCain, Tom Delay and other prominent politicians are interspersed for realism. Scary to think how easy it is to buy favors on Capitol Hill. The influence-peddling reached its peak with Jack. Sadly, it still goes on.


  • Pablo Algaba

    ★★★ Watched by Pablo Algaba 22 May, 2014

    Comedia excesiva sobre el turbocapitalismo y los horteras que le dan forma. La misma película que 'El Lobo de Wall Street', pero sin sobredosis de quaaludes.