• bree1981

    ★★★½ Rewatched by bree1981 16 Jun, 2015

    117 A.D. The Roman Empire stretches from the African desert to the Caspian Sea, however after invading Britain they hit a roadblock in the form of the Picts, the guerrilla warriors who live in the unforgiving northern part of the country. After a stalemate lasting almost 20 years orders come from Rome to end the deadlock by any means necessary.
    Michael Fassbender plays a Roman soldier who escapes capture and hooks up with the remnants of the legendary Ninth Legion…


  • panvaneer

    ★★½ Watched by panvaneer 09 Apr, 2011

    Adequate action-thriller. Not one of Marshall's better films.


  • JoakoGSS

    ★★½ Watched by JoakoGSS 13 Jun, 2015



  • mo_shack

    ★★★ Watched by mo_shack 05 Jun, 2015

    "In the chaos of battle, when the ground beneath your feet is a slurry of blood, puke, piss and the entrails of friends and enemies alike, it's easy to turn to the gods for salvation."

    There's something about Neil Marshall's films. Centurion isn't particularly great and it's riddled with plot contrivances, but I like it anyway. I can't explain it. Maybe Marshall's just filling some bloodlust escapist void I'm unaware of, or maybe I'm experiencing some strange residual effect from his claustrophobic masterpiece The Descent and I'm subconsciously just willing to overlook any of the gaping flaws in his work as a result.


  • FlickFanatics

    ★★½ Added by FlickFanatics

    While it has an awesome cast, there are a lot of issues with this film once you get to the style, the action and the overall point of the story. It does have good action, though it feels like the filmmakers were trying a little to hard to replicate some of the "300" flare in action. Which is a little funny that Fassbender is in both films.


  • Stephan

    ★★★ Watched by Stephan 26 Apr, 2015

    Wunderschön saftig von Neil Marshall in Szene gesetzt und auch die Schauspieler um Michael Fassbender, Dominic West und Olga Kurylenko hinterlassen einen positiven Eindruck. Ja, macht Spaß.


  • Casey Burchby

    ★★ Watched by Casey Burchby 15 Apr, 2015

    Best scene? Opening credits.


  • Chris Gelderd

    ★★★½ Watched by Chris Gelderd 14 Apr, 2015

    This 2010 British historical action film directed is by Neil Marshall and stars Michael Fassbender, Olga Kurylenko, Dominic West and Liam Cunningham.

    In 117 AD, the Roman army continue to try and conquer the British Isles, facing the last pocket of heavy resistance in the North from the Picts of Alba. When a Roman garrison is ambushed, centurion Quintus Dias (Fassbender) is captured and held prisoner, but manages to escape bound in chains, pursued by the Picts.

    Meawhile, Governor Gnaeus…


  • wildestpenfield

    ★★½ Added by wildestpenfield

    Ah, Neil Marshall. Dog Soldiers and The Descent were two of the best horror flicks of the last decade. Of course, his last effort (non-horror, admittedly) effort, Doomsday, was shite, which probably didn't help this one getting bumped by The Eagle, but even that's perhaps less depressing than this: entirely competent, but kinda boring. I liked the (perhaps accurate?) multi-ethnic Roman crew, but the most interesting character (the General) gets killed off too early, and while there are a few…


  • Edwin Davies

    ★★★½ Watched by Edwin Davies 30 Mar, 2015

    A bloody and enjoyable peplum offering that mixes the physicality of the genre with elements of John Carpenter and Walter Hill's work.


  • John Roberts

    ★★½ Watched by John Roberts 02 Jun, 2012

    solid swords and sandals kind of flick. Not high quality film, but lots of fun sword play.


  • Andy Lunn

    Watched by Andy Lunn 18 Mar, 2015 2

    I've never been into this kind of genre, hence why I've thus far avoided Game of Thrones (soon to be rectified as I have borrowed the box set). Despite these misgivings, I decided to give this a go because it's Neil Marshall and his work is always worthwhile.

    So, it was well made and nicely gory, and McNulty was in it. But, I'm still not interested in this genre. It just doesn't hold my attention. I can't even remember how it ended.