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    Dieser Film ist wirklich gut! Nahezu ein Meisterwerk in dem man eine Menge hinein interpretieren kann. Am Ende kommt eine Szene in der die Soldaten das Baby bemerken und aufhören zu schießen, die beiden Protagonisten kommen aus dem Haus und auf einmal ist eine Stille, einige beten das Kind an, was schon fast an Blasphemie grenzt. An dieser Stelle merkt man das keine Macht stärker ist als die Hilflosigkeit eines Kindes. Wenige Sekunden darauf explodiert ein Teil des Gebäudes so…


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    Portuguese BR: Filhos da Esperança


  • Mauro Bantic

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    With recent dystopian fiction movies, regardless of quality, there tends to be an unbreakable focus on the main character’s subjective view of their world. In some cases, this is exactly what the film requires to most impactfully tell its story; Bong Joon-ho’s harrowing “Snowpiercer” slowly reveals its world to us as Curtis progresses through the train, allowing us to most effectively see the perverse nature of our society’s capitalistic construction. Equally, breaking from this model might actually detract from the…


  • Everett

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    Children of Men is one of my favorite films.

    Everything about this is amazing. Clive Owen's performance is incredibly realistic, Alfonso Cuarón's long takes and tracking shots are incredibly well-engineered, and the story and soundtrack is very compelling. The story is compelling, the themes explored go very in-depth to the cultural and worldwide effects of infertility. There is nothing wrong with Children of Men.


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    Sale Michael Caine versión hippie bailando. 11/10 best movie evah.


  • Cameron Target

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    Chivo, master of liiight. I dug this film but I really hated how they used Islam toward the end. The connection between Julien and Theo was super overplayed, we get it, they had history... But all in all, it's masterfully shot, well acted and made use of some amazing locations. The production design in Jasper's house was particularly well done, every part of that house said something unique about his character. I really liked that.


  • Zachary Marsh

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    One of the most thoroughly engaging, impactful, and poignant films of the 21st century.


  • JonathanS89

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    Quite an enjoyable movie, sadly hindered by a weak performance of the lead actress.


  • Tomas

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    A technical masterclass, Alfonso Cuarón's Children of Men is a stunning film with some terrific performances from its cast, and tells an enthralling and well thought out story. It is, in my opinion, Lubezki’s finest effort behind the camera. The long shots are fantastic and make for some of the most riveting and intense actions scenes ever put to film. One scene in particular near the end of the film is absolutely spectacular and is one of my favorite scenes…


  • Aaron Hendrix

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    Some of the most gorgeous cinematography ever, great performances, and a fantastic story make Children of Men one of my favorite films ever.

    Emmanuel Lubezki is easily one of my favorite DPs ever. He consistently finds ways to create a wholly unique aesthetic for each of the movies he films. Children of Men may be my favorite of his films I've ever seen. The cinematography's handheld feeling not only makes you feel like you are embarking on this arduous trek…


  • James Palmer

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    Intense... Absorbing... Thrilling... Devastating... Children of Men is one of the most remarkable films of this century, in both concept and execution. Cuarón's masterpiece is as close to perfect as a future dystopian film can get - and it doesn't get anything close to the recognition it deserves.

    What's more, its narrative is more politically, culturally and socially relevant today than ever.