• Cole Schneider

    Watched by Cole Schneider 23 Jan, 2015

    I gather that it's a parody, but what of? Not murder-mystery films, because it's nothing like those. The laughs are at the film not with it.


  • Cinematic Justice

    ★★★★★ Watched by Cinematic Justice 01 Dec, 2003

    "How can they possibly make a movie out of a board game?"
    -Me, about to be blown away by one of the best comedies I've ever sen.


  • Three Levels Deep

    ★★★½ Watched by Three Levels Deep 24 Jan, 2015

    Very cheesy and campy, I can see why it's a cult classic. Tim Curry is very fun and full of energy, as is the cast in general. Whatever the movie lacks in technical merits it kind of laughs about over itself and makes up for with just pure one-liner fun. Amazingly young looking Christopher Lloyd considering this was made at the same time he was making Back to the Future with MJFox.


  • Pablo Mateu

    ★★ Watched by Pablo Mateu 22 Jan, 2015

    El juego cluedo llevado a la pantalla. Huir!!!


  • Elvis Rodrigues

    ★★ Watched by Elvis Rodrigues 18 Jan, 2015

    Nos anos 50, seis pessoas comparecem a um jantar misterioso, ganham nomes fictícios, são atendidos por um mordomo misterioso, uma copeira misteriosa e uma cozinheira esquisita, e têm que lidar com um possível anfitrião que na verdade os está chantageando.


    O Netflix não está me fazendo bem. Em vez de assistir aos filmes que estão na minha lista há anos, aos clássicos que nunca vi ou aos indicados ao Oscar, vi o cartaz deste filme e minha atenção foi…


  • jamesthegill

    ★★★★½ Watched by jamesthegill 17 Jan, 2015

    Farcical, hilarious, and a proper whodunnit. Just as good as the first time I saw it.


  • Vicky

    Watched by Vicky 17 Jan, 2015

    Tim curry u a hottie


  • OliverD

    Watched by OliverD 14 Jan, 2015

    "Clue" is one of those 80's satires that seem for a second serious, only for you to realize shortly thereafter, everyone is just having a good time making it. I didn't really feel it though; I felt like I took a really big swing at it, only to strike out.

    The variety of characters in the film was enjoyable, each playing an eccentric piece in a murder puzzle where everyone is on trial and no one is safe. Facing death…


  • Dana

    ★★★★ Watched by Dana 17 Jan, 2015

    Wonderful murder-mystery farce. Loved it.


  • Michael Bishay

    ★★★★★ Rewatched by Michael Bishay 15 Jan, 2015

    Twice in two days, because why not


  • Jacob Van Houtan

    ★★★★½ Watched by Jacob Van Houtan 13 Jan, 2015

    I absolutely adore this film. The music is fantastic with several memorable tunes and musical cues that build the tension and comedy well. The comedy and performances are absolutely hilarious and I laugh all the time while watching this. I think that it has some clear problems with sound because some characters lines are clearly over dubbed, but I still find this movie being one of my favorites. I always laugh and I just have a good time and the…


  • phil haigh

    Watched by phil haigh 13 Jan, 2015 1

    American ideas poured into a late seventies Carry-on Benny Hill format with a twist of Cluedo added. It really is as bad as it sounds.