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A Criterion a day...

The purpose of this list is to record the progress of the project, which I've optimistically titled "A Criterion a…

  • The Passion of Joan of Arc
  • Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles
  • 2 or 3 Things I Know About Her
  • Cléo from 5 to 7
  • Mulholland Drive

Ladies, ladies, ladies...


Chloé 321 films 10 Edit

A list of great, good or really decent stories about girls. I haven't watched all of the films listed here…

  • The Interview
  • Unbroken
  • Omar
  • Blue Ruin
  • Selma

Films Seen for the First Time in 2015


Criterion10 154 films Edit

Here's to a glorious year!

  • Pretty in Pink
  • The Kid with a Bike
  • Fantastic Voyage
  • Code Unknown
  • Primer

Movie Club! (A Registered Trademark of Movie Club Inc.)

Six friends choose a movie one at a time. The rest of the friends then watch that movie. They then…

  • 300
  • 2046
  • 1 - Life on the limit
  • 12 Angry Men
  • 12 Years a Slave

My Movie Collection

Ari Niemi

Ari Niemi 703 films Edit

Latest addition(s) on October 5, 2015:

- The Fencer (2015)

  • Mulholland Drive
  • In the Mood for Love
  • Tropical Malady
  • The New World
  • No Country for Old Men

Top 100 Films of the 2000s

John DeCarli

John DeCarli 100 films 1 Edit

These are some of my favorite films released in the US from 2000-2009. It was an interesting cinematic decade of…

  • Amour
  • Battle Royale
  • Biutiful
  • Certified Copy
  • The Child

Films I've seen to try convince people that I'm not an uncultured swine!

Elliot Fane

Elliot Fane 35 films Edit

Films that aren't in English that I try to use to proof that I am not uncultured... Try...

  • Vertigo
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Modern Times
  • The Thing
  • Fargo

Favorites from My Favorite Directors

My favorite movie of every director from whom I've seen 5 or more movies. Listed by number of movies seen…

  • Stalker
  • Mirror
  • Andrei Rublev
  • Nostalghia
  • The Sacrifice

Save My Soul


RJMacReady 100 films Edit

5 films each from 20 directors that I really, really need and want to see.

  • Inherent Vice
  • Half of a Yellow Sun
  • Tomorrowland
  • Voyage of Time
  • Wild
  • Who Can Kill a Child?
  • (500) Days of Summer
  • [REC]
  • [REC]²
  • 11:14

My Collection


Erwin 1,336 films 1 Edit

  • Broken Blossoms or The Yellow Man and the Girl
  • Nosferatu
  • Safety Last!
  • The Last Laugh
  • Metropolis

The Clock


Drew 590 films 1 Edit

Films used in Christian Marclay's The Clock, the world's longest supercut.

The list doesn't include television series that appear. The…