• Windyblue

    ★★★ Added by Windyblue

    Of course Gwyneth Paltrow infects the world. This was only okay. It was weird that they cast Kate Winslet.


  • JaySalahi

    Watched by JaySalahi 28 Sep, 2012

    D+ (69)


  • sschuster

    ★★ Added by sschuster

    I did not enjoy this one. I felt like there was just too much going on, and it didn't feel cohesive in the way that Traffic did.


  • Peter Cameron

    ★★★ Watched by Peter Cameron 25 Aug, 2014

    Really well paced and edited. Paranoia inducing without being OTT scaremongering. Probably could've done without Jude Law's silly character and Antipodean (I think?) accent and I think it loses steam a little bit in its final third, but solid overall. Impressive cast, too (I really didn't expect to see Demetri Martin or John Hawkes).


  • Hunter

    ★★★ Watched by Hunter 18 Aug, 2014 2

    Complete lack of subtlety, stale soundtrack, unfinished storylines, and a happy ending played out to an effing U2 song. What's wrong with this film? Nothing really. What's good about it? Nothing really.


  • Sam Denyer

    ★★★★★ Watched by Sam Denyer 18 Aug, 2014

    Boasting a top-notch cast (including magnetic performances from Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Ehle and Laurence Fishburne) and a brilliant writer-director, Contagion is an accurate and gripping thriller, which is both eerily relevant and uncomfortably chilling.


  • Robert Armitage

    ★★★½ Watched by Robert Armitage 17 Aug, 2014

    I think Contagion is a good film. It has good parts, like the science and the soundtrack and it had bad parts, like where it looked like TV. On average, Contagion is a good movie. Like I said.
    Seeing GP's scalp from the wrong side was pretty cool.


  • Kate Veismane

    ★★★ Watched by Kate Veismane 18 Aug, 2014

    For a movie about such a wide spreading disease (made-up, thank someone) it lacked drama and thriller parts. Wasn't bad but I believe there should've been more fear, more anger, more stress, more almost everything.


  • moviemanwill

    ★★★★ Added by moviemanwill

    In a word: chilling. A landmark disaster/monster film.


  • Gonçalo

    ★★★½ Watched by Gonçalo 16 Aug, 2014

    Soderbergh does not disappoint. He manages to tell the story from the perspective of the virus in a absorbing way.
    It's also impressive the dream cast that was assembled here.


  • TVLuke

    ★★ Rewatched by TVLuke 16 Aug, 2014

    I didn't come up with the description "Powerpoint - The Movie" but it is kind of true. A movie about science, with great actors... I want to like this so much. But its no good.


  • MatthewLB

    ★★★ Watched by MatthewLB 12 Aug, 2014

    This movie was alright but it was slow at parts.