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  • A Monster in Paris A Monster in Paris
  • Jack Reacher Jack Reacher
  • Seven Psychopaths Seven Psychopaths
  • Shuffle Shuffle
  • Seeking a Friend for the End of the World Seeking a Friend for the End of the…

La gran comilona | 2013

Ana Loredo

Ana Loredo 241 films Edit

Lo que vi en 2013

  • White Zombie White Zombie
  • Maniac Maniac
  • The Lost City The Lost City
  • The Walking Dead The Walking Dead
  • Revolt of the Zombies Revolt of the Zombies


Gavin Rye

Gavin Rye 1,037 films 20 2 Edit

I found this monster list on IMDB so full credit goes to Mighty_Emperor there. It needs a lot of work…

  • King of the Zombies King of the Zombies
  • The Mad Ghoul The Mad Ghoul
  • Revenge of the Zombies Revenge of the Zombies
  • Voodoo Man Voodoo Man
  • Zombies on Broadway Zombies on Broadway

Zombie Movies


DrMikel 227 films Edit

I'm currently working on a book on zombie movies and thought it might be fun to share the list of…

  • Death Race: Inferno Death Race: Inferno
  • Grave Encounters 2 Grave Encounters 2
  • Claustrofobia Claustrofobia
  • Daddy, I'm A Zombie Daddy, I'm A Zombie
  • War Games: At the End of the Day War Games: At the End of the Day

Kim Newman's Movie Dungeon: April 2013

The first film in these lists is usually his breakout hit of the month but this month it was Public…