• Paranoyer

    ★★½ Added by Paranoyer

    Der Vater (Noah Huntley) des autistischen Mädchens Sarah (Skye Bennett) möchte sie aus dem Krankenhaus herausholen, weil er bezweifelt, dass ihr dort geholfen werden kann. Zusammen mit einer Krankenschwester (Dominique McElligott) und drei weiteren Personen besteigen sie einen Fahrstuhl, der im sechsten Stock stecken bleibt. Als sich die Türen wieder öffnen, findet die kleine Gruppe das Krankenhaus menschenleer vor – außer der ein oder anderen Leiche, die plötzlich in den Fluren liegt. Außerdem müssen die Menschen bald erkennen, dass diverse…


  • cacho12

    Added by cacho12

    For a horror movie in a hospital, it has a little bit of terror. The ghosts/monsters are too bad, and the characters are awfully cliche.


  • Morwanneg

    ★★ Rewatched by Morwanneg 27 Dec, 2015

    A very bland and unsatisfying watch, with wooden characters, wooden acting and a sad excuse for a plot. I'm willing to give the movie a few points for the surprisingly decent visuals, and for casting the members of Lordi (a band I happen to love) as the monsters - but as their potential is left mostly unexplored and they only get a few minutes of screentime in very generic and boring roles, not even their presence can save Dark Floors from total mediocrity.


  • Fish

    ★★ Watched by Fish 15 Nov, 2015

    My line to Andrea upon finishing 'Dark Floors', was; 'This is the first time I am disappointed that a film wasn't cheesy and shit.' And for once, she whole heartedly agreed.

    Dark Floors is by no means a masterpiece, I mean come on, it was marketed as 'The Lordi Motion Picture'. But the fact that Lordi are in this, is almost irrelevant. It pretty much could have been any monsters or daemons attacking our group.

    It is tricky at times…


  • John (Magic Rat Movies)

    ★★★ Watched by John (Magic Rat Movies) 27 Oct, 2015

    Shocktober 2015 - 31 Nations Of Fear Film #27

    I can't think of too many horror films starring Eurovision Song Contest winners, but this Finnish fright flick is certainly one. Fortunately it's not the Lordi vanity project I'd feared - Lordi if you're unfamiliar with their oeuvre are a shameless Scandianavian rip-off of GWAR, with similar monster make-up, but less projectile spraying of bodily fluids!
    This horror hospital is a sort of pseudo Silent Hill, a nightmarish, surreal shocker, low…


  • Rick DeSantis

    Rewatched by Rick DeSantis 03 Nov, 2015

    This movie starts with a lot of potential but fails miserably. The creepy atmosphere works very much like a cross between Silent Hill and The Langoliers but then fades fast as the creatures and ghosts start appearing. With no explanations given this movie gets extremely confusing and doesn't get any better. I know this is a Lordi vehicle but if your not a fan good luck. Dominique McElligott and Skye Bennett are the bright spots.


  • Henry Chivers

    ★½ Watched by Henry Chivers 26 Oct, 2015

    So a Finnish heavy metal band won the eurovision song contest and then made a horror film...as you do. It's not good but the idea was good. Six people in a hospital get on a elevator. When the doors open on the next floor everyone has gone and it's all run down and dark. There's a good idea for a mystery story here. The sets are good and some of the effects are good. The characters needed more work. The…


  • Wildfox

    ★★½ Rewatched by Wildfox 30 Mar, 2015

    I watched this once before forever ago so I remembered bits of it and the end but not much else so I thought I'd give it another watch.
    Not an amazing or particularly groundbreaking movie that just gets confusing as hell towards the end. I still enjoyed it in part though.


  • Joanne Myers

    Watched by Joanne Myers 19 Nov, 2014

    This movie doesn't even deserve a review it was that bad. I was extremely surprised I stuck it out to the end.

    The acting from the young girl was good, and it starred Noah Huntley so there was something to look at - but nothing could save this shit storm of a film.

    A Finnish film which would probably have been better filmed in Finnish with subtitles, instead of an attempt to make it British/USian.

    Lordi, that won Eurovision 2007…


  • Meri Peltola

    Watched by Meri Peltola 26 Aug, 2014

    Some nice visuals here and there, but this movie would have really benefited from a plot, interesting characters and dialogue that didn't include the lines "let's get out of here" and "what was that?"


  • Christopher

    ★★½ Watched by Christopher 24 Jun, 2014

    The movie had so much potential. The concept was interesting and if there was maybe a bit more explanation, it could have easily gotten at least a 3 and half stars.


  • boysmithers

    ★★★ Watched by boysmithers 07 Jun, 2014

    Shit horror starring Finland's premier GWAR impersonators, Lordi! People are trapped in a spooky hospital and terrorised by rubber suited Eurovision winners. Despite the rubbish monsters it's relatively decent and reminiscent of a Stephen King story, e.g. The Langoliers.