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Her Lips Kissed...But Never Told!

Madeline Goddard (Leigh), is a British double agent who meets and falls in love with a German spy Baron Karl Von Marwitz (Veidt) during World War I. This tale of espionage blends high adventure and romance making perfect order from wartime chaos and growing in faith from despair.

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Danny Peary's List of "Must See" Films from "Guide for the Film Fanatic" (1986)


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Missing films I can't locate on Letterboxd:
Blonde Ambition (1981)
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PUNQ's -- Top-300 -- 1937


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1937 was a fairly safe year for Hollywood with the exception of one category. Animation! Disney took the big…

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  • Riders of the Whistling Skull
  • God's Country and the Woman
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The December Challenge 2 - PUNQ-style - A year in a month: 1937


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I'm pacing myself hard. As if I was gonna reach 300, but realistically I'm not going to get to that…