• HosteenCholo Perez

    ★★ Watched by HosteenCholo Perez 12 Apr, 2016

    I was very disappointed in this movie. I love the original Dark Shadows in all it's cheezy glory, but this movie came off really forced. The acting was passable, with Johnny Depp was doing his weird character shtick he always does.
    I thought it looked great. Gotta give props to Tim Burton on that. His films are always visually appealing.


  • Saulito

    Watched by Saulito 25 Apr, 2016

    This movie is a fucking joke. That's all.


  • mairi

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  • herondelle

    ★★ Added by herondelle

    Most of the time when you see a Tim Burton film, you know what you're up for: affectionate homages to 30s horror and 50s B-films, lovable monster protagonists that do harm despite their best intentions, and digs at the conformist banal tendencies of American pop culture.

    With "Dark Shadows", Burton ironically starts off on an attempt at the usual footings only to fall into the very sort of conformist tendencies his films tend to lampoon. The film is based on…


  • voidember

    ★★★★ Added by voidember

    I feel like I'm the only person on Earth who likes this movie. And I don't just like it. Dare I say, I kind of love this movie. Maybe I'm biased. I'm a huge fan of both Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. I agree that most of their best work is probably behind them, but that's true of anyone who has been in the industry as long and had a career as solid as both of theirs. It's easy to…


  • derpzerplin

    ★★★ Watched by derpzerplin 01 Apr, 2016

    Perhaps my expectations were low, but this wasn't nearly as bad as its critical reputation suggested. It's Tim Burton fare, so you sort of know what you're getting into, and like many other film fans, I've kind of grown tired of both Burton and Johnny Depp in recent years. (Even older Tim Burton movies that I remember liking quite a bit haven't held up as well as I would have imagined in some cases... although Beetlejuice and Batman are still undeniably great.) But here I am, being entertained by Dark Shadows, not immediately loathing everything about it.

    Huh. How about that.


  • Chris Vallée

    ★★½ Watched by Chris Vallée 30 Mar, 2016

    Possibly the lowest point in Tim Burtons filmography, this is the epitome of self parody, as if he were going through a checklist of Burtonisms in order to reach an adequate quota. This tonally awkward film can't seem to decide if its a horror or a comedy, failing to achieve either successfully. It is darkness for the sake of being dark, lacking any real imagination or creative vision. It is a great relief that his films have since seen an upturn in quality. Here's hoping he has learned from his mistakes.


  • Bijunijo

    ★★½ Added by Bijunijo

    I think the plot is quite superficial


  • maggie 🐷

    ★★★★★ Rewatched by maggie 🐷 19 Mar, 2016

    i tried to think of something humorous and relatable to say about johnny depp's wig but it's 2:21 in the morning and i am fried


  • Aaron

    ★★ Watched by Aaron 16 Mar, 2016

    Enjoyed but schizophrenic. Horror comedy? Comedy drama? A shame. Acting good. Funny hippy result line.

    Good music.


  • Christian Katzorke

    ★★ Watched by Christian Katzorke 15 Mar, 2016

    Thin plot, dull movie, great actors, pure visual porn.


  • arrow sparrow

    Added by arrow sparrow

    i fell asleep