• T.C. Robson

    ★★½ Watched by T.C. Robson 03 Mar, 2013

    Odd romantic drama with a superfluous killer subplot. It was just...odd, don't know how else to put it.


  • Lazalde

    ★★★ Watched by Lazalde 16 Mar, 2015

    No puedo evitar sentir cierto tipo de atracción por personajes (y personalidades) como el de ella.


  • Marcio Melo

    ★★ Watched by Marcio Melo 12 Mar, 2015

    Pseudo-maduro, pseudo-indie, pseudo-inteligente, pseudo-mistério, pseudo sensual... bom, não tem muito o que se salvar em Daydream Nation além da Kat Dennings


  • cathersnow

    ★½ Watched by cathersnow 06 Mar, 2015

    Too many storylines, none of them interesting.


  • Tadas

    ★★★ Watched by Tadas 03 Dec, 2014

    An interesting, yet kinda weird take on a coming-of-age love story.


  • Bobby Edwards

    ★★★★ Added by Bobby Edwards

    Oh Canada you make such great movies. I like how some people from Degrassi are in this movie. Great film, check it out


  • moonlitfloor

    ★★★★½ Added by moonlitfloor



  • Joe DiCanio

    ★★ Watched by Joe DiCanio 18 May, 2011

    Rating: C-


  • Jack McPherson

    ½ Watched by Jack McPherson 14 Aug, 2014

    Recommended this by my sister, who previously put me on to the surprisingly good Emma Roberts vehicle Adult World, so I was pretty surprised that she put me on to something quite this half baked.

    This is exactly the kind of hopelessly cliched Sundance rubbish that you hear about but never seem to end up seeing. My girlfriend and I sat flabbergasted as the film seemed to wallow in exponentially increasing levels of pretentious visuals and smug, self satisfied dialogue.…


  • Bob Hovey

    ★★ Watched by Bob Hovey 30 Jul, 2014

    Teen drama with a few cute Juno bits combined with some creepy Donnie Darko bits. Unfortunately, the bits don't really mix all that well, and we get a contrived ending on top of it. Kat Dennings gives a capable performance, but the script lets her down. You see, Caroline Wexler is not really a rebellious teenager with heart, she's really a screenwriter, one who is laboring long and hard over each and every line but can't quite eliminate the smug, self-conscious air of pretentiousness.


  • Jeff Gallashaw

    ★★ Added by Jeff Gallashaw

    Big city girl Caroline is new to a small town, she disregards her high school classmates, and then just for kicks starts a sexual relationship with her teacher, Mr. A. Meanwhile, there's a serial killer roaming the town, an industrial fire burning on the outskirts, and Thurston is mourning the loss of his best friend. As Thurston falls in love with Caroline, realities quickly catch up to all characters, and they are all going to have mature or face the…


  • Molm

    ★★★½ Added by Molm

    Great atmosphere, a realistic lovestory and Kat Dennings. 'nuff said
    dienachtderlebendentexte.wordpress.com/2014/02/14/daydream-nation/ (German)