• Tom Bannatyne

    ★★★★ Watched by Tom Bannatyne 18 Sep, 2014

    'Carpe diem, seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary.'

    When you look back at your school days, it is nice to remember that teacher who really made you passionate about something. Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society is the undisputed champion of that kind of inspiration. It is, sometimes, difficult to be compelled by the private school worries of the students, but as soon as Williams appears on screen, it is impossible not to be mesmerised. There is a…


  • panics

    ★★★★★ Watched by panics 13 Oct, 2014

    This is one helluva movie. Inspirational and moving.


  • Sebastián Cadavid

    ★★★½ Watched by Sebastián Cadavid 07 Oct, 2014

    "Carpe Diem", those words were, for me, first pronounced by Jack Carpenter in "I love you, Beth Cooper" (2009). with the years, and more recently with the hype Robin Williams death caused around his work, I finally sat and watched "The dead...", and I must say I was disappointed.
    Not disappointed "I hate this shit" kind of way, but I actually had a lot of expectations, I expected a miles profounder screenplay, and, why not?, a better character in John…


  • Gary Busey

    ★★★★½ Watched by Gary Busey 10 Oct, 2014

    "We don't read and write poetry because it's cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race, and the human race is filled with passion. Medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for."

    An all too common message, but a more than ever prevalent one. Carpe DIem. Seize the day. Few of us contemplate this, and even fewer…


  • Susana Silva

    ★★★★★ Rewatched by Susana Silva 09 Oct, 2014

    "O captain! My captain!"


  • johntheguy

    ★★★★ Added by johntheguy

    Great Robin Williams film.


  • Joe DiCanio

    ★★★★ Watched by Joe DiCanio 26 Oct, 2013

    Rating: B+


  • Ashley Norris

    ★★★★ Watched by Ashley Norris 05 Sep, 2014

    Inspiring. Robin Williams will be missed.


  • Timothy85

    ★★★½ Watched by Timothy85 04 Oct, 2014 2

    Yeah, I know.



  • Francesco Marioni

    ★★★½ Watched by Francesco Marioni 25 Sep, 2014

    The first half hour was insufferable but slowly the film won me over and its probably down to Williams who is fantastic here. Not sure the film earned its tragic denouement but it still moved me and taught me to let my children to do what they want as long as they are happy.


  • AwesomeAverage

    ★★★★★ Watched by AwesomeAverage 21 Sep, 2014

    Emotionally investing, fantastic performances, and heartbreaking, Dead Poets Society is one of the best movies I've ever seen.
    Robin Williams gives a memorable performance as Mr. Keating an English teacher who forms a powerful bond with his students. This is one of his best performances. You become attached to his character and all of his students.
    The movie starts out a bit slow, but it really kicks itself into full gear and completely wraps you up into it's incredible story.…


  • gytanasb

    ★★★★★ Added by gytanasb

    Carpe diem