S#!t Happens

Delhi-based Sonia agrees to deliver a package for Vladimir Dragunsky and asks her rather unkempt and debt-ridden fiancé, Tashi Malhotra, to do it for her. Tashi, in turn, asks one of two of his room-mates, Arup. But Arup forgets to do so due to an upset stomach ailment commonly known as 'Delhi Belly' as well as his plan to blackmail their landlord, Manish and asks the third roommate Nitin to deliver the package. A gangster, Somayajulu, who was the recipient of this package, starts by brutally questioning Vladimir, and finds out that the package may be in the possession of the trio. While Tashi must deal with his attraction for Journalist Menaka and incur the wrath of her husband, Rajiv, he still has to fully come to terms whether or not he wants to marry Sonia. And the entry of ruthless Somayajulu and his gang seriously jeopardizes any plans Tashi and his friends may have for the future.

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