They will make cemeteries their cathedrals and the cities will be your tombs.

A group of people are trapped in a West Berlin movie theater infested with ravenous demons who proceed to kill and possess the humans one-by-one, thereby multiplying their numbers.

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80 Favorite Movies From The 80s

80 favorite movies from the 80s. I've attempted to put them in order. There's a lot of movies I need…

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Hooptober III: Season of the Bitch

Thank fuck for Cinemonster; not only does he put together this awesome Hooptober challenge, but he's an all-around great Letterboxd…

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Night of the Living Leticia - Hooptober 3.O

I have no idea what "college" or "studying" are...

7 films from franchises(mix-and-match, or the same. 7 total)
6 countries…