• Aaron White

    ★½ Watched by Aaron White 17 Jan, 2011

    What do you say about a comedy that isn’t funny?

    Therein lies my predicament. Dinner for Schmucks is simply that: not funny. Whereas most good comedies find a balance between hearty laughs and emotional moments, the film seems to lean more on the latter than former. Painfully overlong, it’s attempts at humor fizzle quickly. The obvious and proven talent of Steve Carell, Paul Rudd and Zach Galifianakis never shines through. Scene by scene you slowly begin to realize that the…


  • joelhwa

    ★★ Watched by joelhwa 22 Feb, 2011

    4/10: A remake of the French comedy Le Diner De Con (1998). Steve Carrell has overdone his acting resulting in a very annoying character.


  • Daniel Alvarez

    ★★★ Added by Daniel Alvarez

    My favorite Steve Carrell movie role, the scenes without him are horrible.


  • Adam Theeye Pittman

    ★★ Added by Adam Theeye Pittman

    My review -- this film is now on DVD and it made a measly $23 million profit. The storyline/contents well we meet Tim Conrad as he stumbles through his life until he meets Barry Speck which turns his life upside down and inside out, but to find out what happens you will have to watch this film? There is one aspect that had caught my attention straightaway and that is this project may be completely different to the film project…


  • Jonathan Paula

    ★½ Watched by Jonathan Paula 03 Jan, 2011

    Released on July 30, 2010 - this screwball comedy film stars Paul Rudd, as a Los Angeles businessman who is desperate for a promotion at his company. When his boss, played devilishly by Bruce Greenwood, invites him to a dinner party - where everyone is required to bring along the saddest, most pathetic idiot they can find - Rudd decides to bring Stevel Carell's character, in hopes he'll be dumb enough to get him that promotion.

    Right away, the plot…


  • Matthew Wooldridge

    ★½ Watched by Matthew Wooldridge 11 Feb, 2011

    A real misfire on so many levels. The result being a complete bore-fest. Carell’s whole guise just irritated me, his character miscalculated … so many jokes that never landed … it’s actually an insult to the original French version, Francis Veber's THE DINNER GAME, which is a comedic masterpiece.


  • MovieMan23

    ★★ Added by MovieMan23

    Unfunny comedy that should never have been made.


  • Jaume Vaquer

    ★★½ Watched by Jaume Vaquer 21 Nov, 2014

    Cada semana pillo cuatro películas en el videoclub. Un par para mí, otra para mis hijos y otra para mi mujer. Cuando pregunto qué película quieren, siempre me dicen que lo que yo crea. Así que pierdo un montón de tiempo dándole vueltas a qué coger que les pueda gustar.
    Al final, más de una semana ni la miran y la acabo viendo yo porque me revienta devolver una película sin que nadie la haya visto.
    Por eso he perdido…


  • Sabela La

    Watched by Sabela La 03 Nov, 2014

    Qué mal todo. No hay nada salvable, ¡NADA! Tal vez si no fuera una "versión" de la genial e intelingentísima 'Diner des Cons' no la habría odiado tanto. Un insulto.


  • Andy

    ½ Added by Andy

    Orrbilie...zio cane steve carrel ma che cazzo fai?


  • Andrew Willis

    ★½ Watched by Andrew Willis 26 Oct, 2014 1

    Dumb and unfunny.

    Paul Rudd's character is a career driven guy, but he is likable. He gets a chance at work to move up and he takes it. That is a respectable and worthy action. We like him.

    Then we find out there are catches to a promotion. He has to attend a dinner and bring an "idiot" for his boss and co-workers to make fun of. We now hate these people. The drama here is will or wont he…


  • Joe DiCanio

    Watched by Joe DiCanio 24 Jul, 2011

    Rating: D