• John Winters

    ★½ Rewatched by John Winters 17 Apr, 2012

    While it's true that 'Daredevil' wasn't 'Citizen Kane', even in its worst moments it wasn't as bad as 'Elektra' is. I remember when this came out, everybody was saying that the film was bad but at least it still had Jennifer Garner. Unfortunately those people were wrong; not only was Garner the worst aspect of 'Daredevil', she's definitely the worst element of this movie too. Tall and lean she may be, but there's still an essence of all American girl…


  • Maisie

    ★★★ Watched by Maisie 12 Sep, 2013

    As good as Daredevil - so it's not great


  • Stieven Schaerlaeken

    ★★ Added by Stieven Schaerlaeken

    As much as I adore seeing Jennifer Garner hop around in a skimpy outfit like any heroine of modern cinema, I think this one should have stayed safely in that other dreadful movie, Daredevil.

    Silly story, not deserving of a movie and will probably always go down in history as a footnote in a long line of "superhero" movies, if that.


  • Parker

    ★★ Watched by Parker 02 Aug, 2013

    I tried and failed to find something to care about in this movie. Elektra isn't very interesting. The movie tried to tell me she was a shadowy bad ass assassin, but they never showed it, so her character arc to "Nice Guy Who Likes Kids and Has OCD" doesn't mean anything.

    Though, after X-Men: First Class, Dark Knight Rises, Avengers and Iron Man 3, it is really refreshing to watch a movie like this where a super-hero isn't saving the…


  • Cameron Touron

    ★★ Added by Cameron Touron

    jennifer garner is so bad ass in this it makes me wanna cry


  • panserbjorne

    Added by panserbjorne

    A realistic and stirring portrait of living life with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, starring Stone, Typhoid and Tattoo, whose power is tattoos. RIP.


  • slippers

    ★½ Added by slippers

    theres a guy named tattoo whose superpower is tattoos


  • Edgar Cochran

    ★½ Added by Edgar Cochran

    A spin-off almost as distracting as Catwoman thanks to the terrible acting skills and on-scree presence of Sydney Bris.... I mean Jennifer Garner. The mythical elements are used in such a ridiculous manner that they seem off the question. Very bad idea.



  • Daniel

    ★★ Watched by Daniel 14 Jun, 2013 1

    I'm actually pretty embarrassed that I just took time out of my evening to watch this, but I was super intrigued by Elektra in "Daredevil", and wanted to see her spin-off. Oops.

    While Jennifer Garner does portray her well enough (I'm not too familiar with her comic origin), the script, storyline, and direction were beyond lackluster. The action sequences felt like a cheap video game in the worst way possible.

    I'm just confused... if this is how Elektra and her…


  • flurryheaven

    Rewatched by flurryheaven 06 Jun, 2013

    Oh man. I haven't seen this film since 2006. Back when my sister & I watched it on cable we laughed our asses off. When it was over we both looked at each other & at the same time said, that sucked. I was flipping the channels & decided to watch it again. I don't really know why. Maybe I thought my view of it would change. No, it's still a bad movie.

    I can see where they wanted to go with it…


  • Neil Sheppard

    ★★★★★ Added by Neil Sheppard

    Despite it being horribly unpopular and only remembered for its association with Daredevil, I actually do like this film. It's cheesy, it doesn't really know what it wants to be about and the script is in dire need of a couple good rewrites, but it still outdoes the inferior Daredevil movie for one fantastic reason: it is the closest thing to a live-action remake of Ninja Scroll we may ever get. It's hard not to notice the plagiarism and the more it rips off of Ninja Scroll. the more fun the film is.


  • Robb Rauen

    ½ Watched by Robb Rauen 10 May, 2013

    Holy Fuck, this is terrible...