• JaviOsuna

    ★★★★½ Watched by JaviOsuna 24 Sep, 2014

    Hacía tiempo que no veía una película española con unos personajes tan sólidos (y bien interpretados). Con dos pinceladas el elenco entero queda perfectamente retratado, sus rasgos, sus incoherencias, todo.

    Junto a eso, la doble moral que centra la trama en la primera parte de la película (un grupo de cineastas que, para homenajear a los indios masacrados por los españoles en el Descubrimiento, abusa de las condiciones laborales lamentables que poseen) llevada con la sutileza necesaria para que no…


  • Satvrnino

    ★★★ Added by Satvrnino

    Una película dentro de una película dentro de una película. Siempre me ha llamado la atención los filmes matrioskas como este y, con todo y sus bemoles (algunos momentos inverosímiles, personajes no muy bien delineados, actuaciones irregulares), hacía tiempo que una cinta no me hacía sentir la angustia de adentrarme en un conflicto al grado de hacerme sentir en la crisis del lugar.

    La importancia de un filme como este radica, más allá de su hechura y propuesta, en la…


  • fatpie42

    ★★½ Watched by fatpie42 10 Oct, 2012

    I was not sure what to expect from "Even The Rain". It's a film about filmmakers, which seems like it would inevitably lead to massive self-indulgence. However, when the actors start rehearsing, the way that the film being produced bleeds into the real world around them becomes more obvious. The film crew have moved to Bolivia in order to use local people as the natives in their film about the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the West Indies.

    The main…


  • Michael

    ★★★★ Watched by Michael 06 Mar, 2011

    Seems at times like being behind the scenes of a Werner Herzog film. The play of the filming of Christopher Columbus' first voyage and its effect on the natives against the current plight of the Bolivian cast working in the film while at the same time fighting for access to water in their city is remarkably effective in demonstrating how little has changed over the centuries. Insightful, funny, passionate, touching, and ultimately uplifting.


  • Ian Buckwalter

    ★★★ Watched by Ian Buckwalter 22 Feb, 2011

    Read my DCist review.


  • Henna Patel

    ★★★ Watched by Henna Patel 07 Jul, 2014

    At some points this film could be extremely effective, especially in portraying the prevalent conflict in the current capitalist, modern colonialist Bolivia. But, as a whole, the film wasn't executed well enough for it to have the power and depth that the topic deserved.


  • Troy Taylor

    ★½ Watched by Troy Taylor 22 Jun, 2014

    From the beginning the movie makes very clear that we are watching a story of narrow-minded, privileged, light-skinned film makers exploiting a group of native people as they make a movie exposing Christopher Columbus for exploiting natives for gold. Do you see the irony? Well, it is made plainly clear--so clear, the movie seems pretty contrived. While it is most certainly telling a story that should be heard about struggles that we all should be more aware of, it does…


  • christine lund

    Watched by christine lund 02 Apr, 2014

    As the film opens, a cast and crew arrived on location in the mountains of Bolivia, far from the Caribbean shores first founded by Columbus. Its a compelling film about a Mexican film crew making a controversial film, in Bolivia, about Christopher Columbus' treatment of the locals, just as one of their leaders, Daniel, from the local Cochabama region, is leading a protest movement about their water supply and their treatment by the government. It had great direction, nicely shot and terrific acting throughout.


  • sethgardner

    ★★★½ Added by sethgardner

    Set in the early turn of the century, even the rain is a fantastic fictional account of Bolivian water wars. The movie is well paced and keeps you engaged the whole time. In addition to the unique aspect of filming the making of a film, the movie really gets the point across of what happened in Cochabamba.
    The only thing I really didn't like about the movie was the telegraphed story arc for Costa. Its saved by the obvious hypocrisy…


  • Kendra Rhinesmith

    Added by Kendra Rhinesmith

    This film had a cool setup from being like a film being made within a film. It is about a film crew that comes to Bolivia to make a movie about the people of Bolivia struggling against higher corporations that are trying to control their water supply and in turn the city rebels and tears apart the city rioting to make a voice for themselves. sometimes it was hard for me to keep up with what world it was really…


  • megankurkowski

    Added by megankurkowski

    Even the Rain is a Spanish drama film directed by Icíar Bollaín from 2010. This film actually instead of a normal film consisting of one story line, it has two. I thought it was amazing how it went back and forth. It let me see history of events that actually took place, and helps us see how this effected the natives, and how strongly they felt about their land.

    Mexican filmmaker Sebastián and his producer Costa arrive in Bolivia, with…


  • johnmoloney

    ★★★★ Added by johnmoloney

    “Even the Rain” directed by Icíar Bollaín is one of my favorite films I’ve seen so far this year for its amazing screenplay and top notch acting. The film caught my attention from the beginning with its unique and refreshing narrative of a film about the making of a separate film. The first relationship introduced is between the director of the film, Sebastian (Gael Garcia Bernal), and his goal oriented producer Costa (Luis Tosar). They’ve just arrived in Bolivia, a…