Lost is a good place to find yourself

When an alcoholic relapses, causing him to lose his wife and his job, he holds a yard sale on his front lawn in an attempt to start over. A new neighbor might be the key to his return to form.

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Schröcks Fernsehgarten aka SHITT


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Seit August 2013 präsentiert Daniel Schröckert auf dem Youtube-Kanel der Rocketbeans seine Fernsehtipps des Tages.…

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Steve Anderson

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Films that I consider to be underrated, underseen, or unfairly judged by critics and/or the general viewing public.

  • The Master
  • Magic Mike XXL
  • The Homesman
  • Spring Breakers
  • Her

Best Films of the 2010s (So Far)

Logan Kenny

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Not a completed list. Will be updated. In no order whatsoever. I would recommend all of these.