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    Often the first film you actually see of an adventerous director makes the deepest impression. This happened with me and Wong Kar-Wai. I saw Fallen Angels first, which completely blew me away, and after that its spiritual and stylistic predecessor Chungking Express just felt slightly disappointing. Having seen both movies a couple of times now the difference is quite obvious: the imagery of Fallen Angels is more exciting, the structurally the stories work better and personally the ‘California Dreaming’ part…


  • Rizki Fachriansyah

    ★★½ Watched by Rizki Fachriansyah 02 Feb, 2016

    Flak be damned. This feels like a major stepdown from the elusive masterpiece that is Chungking Express. Almost everything in this film seems to have devolved. Not even Kar-Wai's own allusions to his previous work could lend it a sense of intrigue and resonance. The only thing that's intact, or even improved, is Christopher Doyle's cinematography - showcased in a much more frenetic fashion. Also, credit where it's due: Kar-Wai's taste in soundtrack remains one of the most impeccable ever.


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    excuse the historical context: in the 40's actors like Bogart and robert mitchium brought cool to the screen and we kinda started copying this screen persona. Later directors like Godard showed street people copying cool from the screen. It has of late been in style to stylize this "cool" and bring it to the streets with quirky situations and dialogue, with some cool music that sets the tempo. Tarantino, kar wai, among others. A lot of the time I go…


  • Taylor Gilbert

    ★★★★ Watched by Taylor Gilbert 29 Jan, 2016

    The film is great and all, but I just don't think you should be using the nails in the wall to hang coat-hangers instead of paintings.


  • shenm

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    Fallen Angels is moody and voyeuristic in its camera movements, fragmented and claustrophobic in plot and detail. Though Wong Kar Wai is often noted for his use of vibrant colors, what stands out most is how very tactile this movie is, how focused it is on synesthesia. The latex dresses, nylon fishnets, sweated-through shirts, the raincoats and rain, can be felt, both through sensory touch and that deeper kind.

    Fallen Angels is incredibly stylish and unpredictable, in characters and in…


  • jto111

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    Wong Kar Wai's excellent film that was originally supposed to be part of Chungking Express.


  • Mark Allen

    ★★★★ Watched by Mark Allen 13 Jan, 2016

    A lovely story about lonely weirdos finding themselves in other people. Hypnotic photography, unvarnished performances and heart-on-its-sleeve writing make for a darkly comforting story set in an fluorescent, sleep-deprived world.

    I know beautiful people suffering heartache should annoy the piss out of me, but...I can't help it. THEY'RE SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL.

    This is only maybe the third Wong Kar-Wai film I've seen, but each new installment seems to unlock a different part of his personality and approach to storytelling. I can't wait to find the next key, frankly.


  • rhett aka christee aka bogmummy

    ★★★★ Watched by rhett aka christee aka bogmummy 17 Jan, 2016

    Such a vulnerable piece! I watched it appx. 24 hours after Chungking Express and this has I think given me a valuable resonance. The grating, sickening feelings of longing and loss with a gorgeous cinematographic sensibility...


  • R Stefaniuk

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  • Mark Boszko

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    Cleaning. Another dime. Blondie. The birthday video. Entrancing, all of it.


  • JN

    ★★★★★ Watched by JN 06 Jan, 2015

    Ah! Loved this movie. An eccentric Wong Ker Wai movie about urban loneliness and the existential crisis of living so close together but feeling so alone.

    The film-making is unafraid and wonderfully observant.


  • neos300

    ★★★★★ Rewatched by neos300 13 Jan, 2016

    still the best