• Mars

    ★★★★½ Watched by Mars 25 May, 2015

    A hitman and his female partner, a girl that was left by her boyfriend for another woman, and a hard working mute are the type of people who you could never imagine connecting with each other. Yet, in Kar Wai Wong's beautiful story these 4 do much more than just connect. An extraordinary love story that illustrates loneliness and obsession in the most abstract way. A way that had me glued to the screen from start to finish. Fallen Angels is a unparalleled piece of work that I could not possibly describe in simple words. Maybe its because I'm still in awe, who knows?


  • Asif Khan

    ★★★★★ Added by Asif Khan 5

    Fallen Angels is seen as a sequel or spiritual descendant of WKW's most popular film, Chungking Express (1994). Released a year after that, Fallen Angels was originally conceived as the third story for that film. Just like 'Chungking', this film has two different stories. But unlike it, they are somewhat interconnected because of the geography and themes, the characters from each of these stories run into each other. The first story features Leon Lai as a hit man named Wong…


  • Kurdt

    ★★★★★ Rewatched by Kurdt 13 May, 2015 3

    This film sticks to you like glue, but you have no intention of shaking it off. It immerses you, it climbs on your taste buds and dances ‘till sunrise. It makes your veins burst through your skin and your lungs bellow out of your chest. You experience every colour splattered into each frame until your body is ravished. Fallen Angels looks amazing, Fallen Angels feels amazing. There’s something about the world at night that’s alluring, mystical, and just different. The…


  • Jordan Smith

    Added by Jordan Smith

    Damn. In the Mood for Love is due for a rewatch but this could be my second favorite WKW movie after Chungking Express. Easily the most visually impressive of his movies, in my opinion, with its fisheye lens, restless camera, and bright colors. I'm glad that WKW decided to spin this off into a separate feature because he would've risked fucking up the perfect alchemy of Chungking Express and, worse, rid us of one of his best works.


  • Peng

    ★★★ Watched by Peng 08 May, 2015 1

    Stylistically, it is astonishing, probably Wong Kar-Wai's visual masterpiece up to this point (and probably in the top 3 of his career as well). A shame then, that almost all the people populating this tale feel so unrealized, being such caricatures just to be moved along to the next visual set-piece, thus severely limiting investment in their personal stories or emotional well-being.

    It's one thing to have emotional damage manifesting itself in unnatural behaviors, and another to design specific and…


  • Michael Ewins

    ★★★ Watched by Michael Ewins 06 May, 2015

    "We've been business partners for 155 weeks now."

    Time weights so heavily on Kar-wai characters.

    I wonder if he likes Rumble Fish? I get the sense that he really, really likes Rumble Fish.


  • Anthony Macedo

    ★★★★★ Added by Anthony Macedo

    Coolest film of the 90's


  • Tom Morton

    ★★ Watched by Tom Morton 29 Apr, 2015

    I wasn't a fan of the visual style of Fallen Angels, but then I wasn't a fan of the visual style of Chungking Express, so that was no surprise. What did surprise me was the deeply uninteresting, annoying characters, who lacked any of the depth, likeability or humour that Chungking had in spades. As the linked stories drew to their conclusion, I recognised moments in the mute's tale that should have been sweet and moving, but by that point I…


  • pirs

    ★★★★★ Watched by pirs 24 Apr, 2015

    "The night's full of weirdos."

    Wong Kar Wai's weirdos are night owls desperate for love, companionship, money, work. His direction, shots, framing and soundtrack is unique; charming and stylish to the max.

    Hard not fall in love with this one.


  • reba

    ★★½ Watched by reba 24 Apr, 2015

    Always feel let down a bit by foreign films, I just feel like I'm missing out a bit; I'm always so conscious that the subtitles might not be right or I'm missing out on a key cultural or cinematic reference. Then again maybe I was just texting too much through this one.


  • Henna Y.

    ★★★★ Watched by Henna Y. 20 Apr, 2015

    All those cigarettes made me want to take up smoking tbh.

    This movie felt the most "Wong Kar Wai" out of all the Wong Kar Wai movies I've watched, from the dizzying camera movement and extreme close-ups to the neon colors and groovy music. Could be because this is the third one I've watched. Thematically, Fallen Angels is sibling to Chungking Express (complete with a nod to pineapples) but I liked this one better, if only by a small margin.…


  • Marcel Geiger

    ★★★ Watched by Marcel Geiger 06 Apr, 2015

    Nicht so charmant wie sein Vorgänger, sehr dystopisch und zerstört, die Menschen wie die Welt in der sie sich bewegen. Und doch steckt immer dieses romantische Element dahinter.