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  • Daniblacksmoke

    ★★★★★ Rewatched by Daniblacksmoke 29 Nov, 2015

    Es inexplicable como Zemeckis consigue que me quede embobado y con una sonrisa en la cara durante las dos horas y veinte que dura. Si pienso en una película entrañable, Forrest Gump es la primera que se me viene a la cabeza.


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    dezembro 2015,


  • Ethan C. Fardoux

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    There are some films that are seep so far into our culture that at some point, it becomes rather difficult to take them at all seriously. Films like Star Wars, for instance, are so hugely popular that a million spoofs and parodies and mockeries have been made. Shrek became a rather bizarre meme and a terrible franchise. How many times have you seen the "king of the world" shot from Titanic recreated?

    After sweeping the '94 Academy Awards, Forrest Gump…


  • hekadjaja

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    Watched it in theaters. Almost walked out because of how offended I felt the depiction of a person with mental retardation was portrayed. Thought that the movie presented the main character as someone to laugh at and not with. Additionally, the character falls into dumb luck to achieve his notoriety and not necessarily through his own agency. Watched it again thinking I was too harsh about it and reacted too emotionally the first time. Thought and felt the same way after a second viewing. Overrated. Soundtrack was too on the nose. Unworthy of the Oscar. An embarrassment to American cinema.


  • Rashid

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    This movie's like a box of chocolates but one with only the kind with giant dry pecans inside that nobody likes or asked for - kinda like the Americentric worldview at the center of this over-praised joke.


  • DezziTheGreat

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    Literally no idea how many times I've seen this film- all I know is that I've seen it many, many times, and I know I'll be watching it many, many more times in the future. Great movie.


  • Shachar Gannot

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    1L Exams Outlining Rewatches

    In order to motivate me to study for my first semester law school exams, I decided to rewatch films while I outline.

    Over a decade or so ago, my parents gave me the DVD of Forrest Gump for my birthday. I had never seen it before, and was excited to watch it. I remember thinking that it was a very long film - the length of which preventing me from enjoying it as much as it…


  • Sam Blackburn

    ★★★★ Rewatched by Sam Blackburn 20 Nov, 2015

    "Life is like a box of chocolate's. You never know what you are going to get."

    Tom Hanks in his second Oscar win in a row. You wouldn't like of "Forrest Gump" when it comes to visuals but when you look at how they used historical footage and make people like Forrest blend into to footage with out it looking fake. At times the relationship between Forrest and Jenny can be a bit repetitive and may the movie could have been a few minutes shorter but the journey that we go on with Forrest at times is simple but also very interesting.


  • bhccorp

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    This review reportedly contains spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This movie is a classic, memorable film for the ages. It perfectly captures the essence of the old century, and allows the newer generation to view a revolutionary century for many. I have heard the complaints of the movie, and I understand them. The movie loosely skims the events of the century, and doesn't capture the true essence of the century. Another larger complaint I hear with the film is that there are many people who hate Jenny in the…


  • Bryan Zillig

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    One of the best movies from the 90's. Tom Hanks' performance is so believable that I actually forget that it's him playing a roll in a movie.


  • Jenna K

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    Is it a good film?
    No. Not really.
    Does Tom Hanks try reeeeaaaaally hard for an Oscar? You best your sweet ass he does.
    Gary Sinise is great, and I'd be lying if I ever thought of Free Bird in any other capacity than Jenny standing on the edge of that building.