• Sarah Shachat

    ★★½ Added by Sarah Shachat

    Or, when I started supporting James McAvoy the way some people support sports teams. The CGI is painful and the series knows it, plowing ahead anyway with sweeping camera moves, intense overacting, and Brian Tyler's robust score. There's something really, perversely admirable about that fact, too. Children of Dune just lets every incoherent plot thread and rushed intricacy and over-the-top costume hang out there in the wind. It's not like the script or the actors or the action is winking…


  • Brent Paton

    ★★★ Added by Brent Paton

    Great follow-up to the original mini-series but I prefer Dune.


  • James Gant

    ★★★★ Added by James Gant

    This movie covers Books 2 and 3 from the Dune series of books by Frank Herbert. This is also a follow up to the Dune Miniseries from 2001 on Sci fi, and definitely fixes some of the issues that were present in the first miniseries. Some of the acting is a bit overacting, and some story points from the book are glossed over, but as the only version of Dune books 2 and 3 which make up the masterpiece that is the Dune saga I am a huge fan of this miniseries, and I was surprised in the high quality of this miniseries.