• Bulent Yusuf

    ★★★ Watched by Bulent Yusuf 23 Oct, 2014

    A genre flick made distinctive by not one, but two great performances. David Tennant channels Russell Brand as the celebrity vampire slayer, and Colin Farrell is the alpha-male vampire prick (geddit?) HE MUST DESTROY. A group of bland, likeable teens are caught somewhere in the middle, blah blah blah, but stick around for the inventive finale.


  • Lucas

    ★★★ Rewatched by Lucas 18 Oct, 2014

    Well what is the big craze right now in Hollywood, and we will see more to come is the Re-make. Even when you don't need there to be one, they still make it. Now this wasn't the worst one by far, but still well watching I get reminded of how amazing the original one is and end up missing it. The actors they got were well interesting choices and some don't make a whole lot of sense. Oh well it was good for a, Vampire horror movie.


  • Keely

    ★½ Added by Keely

    Ugh. UGH. Really sexist AND just altogether horrible even if it wasn't.


  • ChristopherDay

    Watched by ChristopherDay 16 Oct, 2014

    From time to time, I look at my "stats" on here and think to myself, "Boy, I sure do like a ton of movies", given that it seems to peak around the 4-4 1/2 star range. I question myself if I've lost my critical edge, then talk myself back down thinking I've refined my tastes so much I know just to seek out great cinema from here on out.

    But nothing is the great equalizer quite like hotel rooms. And airplanes. Just my little way of staying fair and balanced.

    Also, this movie is horse shit.


  • Aracno

    ★★★ Watched by Aracno 27 Sep, 2014

    Night Terrors – Hoop-Tober!

    Paying gentle homage to the original while clearly aiming for a new audience, Craig Gillespie’s Fright Night shifts the action to a desert suburb on the outskirts of Vegas, where geeky Brewster quickly discovers his new neighbor is a homicidal vampire. Just as in the original, several cat-and-mouse games ensue, and poor Charley has to turn to Goth stage magician Peter Vincent for help to wage war on his unwanted neighbor.

    Nowhere near as good as…


  • SamRieck

    ★★★★ Added by SamRieck

    Fright Night is a slick and stylish remake with several fun performances.


  • The Movie Opinionist: Dale Hutchinson (Watching Movies, Giving Stars and Opinions... Like a Boss)

    ★★½ Added by The Movie Opinionist: Dale Hutchinson (Watching Movies, Giving Stars and Opinions... Like a Boss)

    I Liked the movie, Not for the Story, but the humor was well executed for me.


  • That Girl From Brave

    ★★★ Added by That Girl From Brave

    Directed by Craig Gillespie (Lars and the Real Girl), the remake stars Anton Yelchin as Charley, Colin Farrell as the vampire, and Dr. Who’s David Tennant as a Vegas performer who helps Charley defeat the vampire. For the first hour, the remake is very uninspired and pales in comparison to the original, but in the final 45 minutes it turns into an awesome horror-comedy. It’s one of those films you have to stick with in order to get the payoff. Nonetheless, of the three theatrically released Fright Night movies, it’s the weakest. Although not by much, so it’s still worth checking out.


  • Naughty

    ★★★½ Watched by Naughty 09 Oct, 2014 7

    A surprisingly enjoyable enterprise! It was interesting to see a much darker vision of Tom Holland's Fright Night! I'm glad I saw it!

    While enjoyable it is not the kind of film that I would feel the need to revisit again! Whereas the original has become a tradition in my house.. because it feels like an old friend!


  • Steve Sandberg

    ★★★½ Watched by Steve Sandberg 08 Oct, 2014

    Really solid remake, only occasionally let down by superficial elements like sketchy FX and the general obnoxiousness of modern teens.


  • Dan Hassler-Forest

    ★★★★½ Rewatched by Dan Hassler-Forest 07 Oct, 2014

    Leaner, meaner, and a whole lot funnier than the original film. Also perfectly cast. Too bad that somehow it seems to have been lit in a way that makes it close to impossible to see what's going about half the time.


  • Joe DiCanio

    ★★½ Watched by Joe DiCanio 26 Aug, 2011

    Rating: C+