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  • Under the Hood Under the Hood
  • The Black Panther The Black Panther
  • Manhunt in the City Manhunt in the City
  • The Doll of Satan The Doll of Satan
  • Fantômas Fantômas

Who Was That Hooded Man?

A list in honor of my namesake. This, incidentally, is by no means meant to be exhaustive.
(For example, The…

  • The Royal Tenenbaums The Royal Tenenbaums
  • Lake Placid Lake Placid
  • Mr. Nobody Mr. Nobody
  • Brazilian Western Brazilian Western
  • A Walk Among the Tombstones A Walk Among the Tombstones

Today Is the Day... Or Tomorrow

Inspired by Cinemonster's lead, I'm going to attempt to watch these 300 + movies that have been sitting gathering dust…

  • Amélie Amélie
  • Caravaggio Caravaggio
  • Edward II Edward II
  • Blancanieves Blancanieves
  • Only God Forgives Only God Forgives
  • Klimt Klimt
  • La Belle Noiseuse La Belle Noiseuse
  • New York Stories New York Stories
  • Lust for Life Lust for Life
  • Rembrandt Rembrandt

Films about artists

Sean Payne

Sean Payne 91 films 1 Edit

Narrative feature films about artists, or films which feature visual artists as major characters; including painters, sculptors, art photographers, printmakers,…

  • Moulin Rouge! Moulin Rouge!
  • Eyes Wide Shut Eyes Wide Shut
  • The Human Stain The Human Stain
  • Before I Go to Sleep Before I Go to Sleep
  • The Stepford Wives The Stepford Wives
  • 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days
  • The 6th Day The 6th Day
  • 8 Mile 8 Mile
  • 8MM 8MM
  • The 11th Hour The 11th Hour

Kevin's Film Collection


Kevin 1,305 films Edit

An entire list of my DVD/Blu-ray collection

*Still Being Updated, only really completed A-O*

  • The Magic Flute The Magic Flute
  • Ordet Ordet
  • Marketa Lazarová Marketa Lazarová
  • Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors
  • Meetings with Remarkable Men Meetings with Remarkable Men



Etiäinen 53 films Edit

Witchcraft, miracles, hopelessness, life-carrying women, motionless violence, myth, fear and some to a lot of love. The very lives of…

  • Inland Empire Inland Empire
  • Volver Volver
  • Marie Antoinette Marie Antoinette
  • Children of Men Children of Men
  • The Fountain The Fountain
  • Cul-de-Sac Cul-de-Sac
  • Modern Times Modern Times
  • Ride with the Devil Ride with the Devil
  • Che: Part One Che: Part One
  • Che: Part Two Che: Part Two

DVD's I own that I have yet to watch....

Here is a list of the DVD's I own that I have yet to watch.... As per some of my…

  • Abduction Abduction
  • Addams Family Values Addams Family Values
  • The Adjustment Bureau The Adjustment Bureau
  • Adventureland Adventureland
  • After the Sunset After the Sunset
  • A Clockwork Orange A Clockwork Orange
  • A Single Shot A Single Shot
  • Ali Ali
  • All Is Lost All Is Lost
  • All the President's Men All the President's Men
  • Moulin Rouge! Moulin Rouge!
  • The Others The Others
  • Stoker Stoker
  • Dogville Dogville
  • Cold Mountain Cold Mountain

Top Nicole Kidman

Antonio Torti

Antonio Torti 25 films Edit

Un top ranking con todas la películas de Nicole Kidman que he visto, también he añadido pequeñas notas con cada…