God Help the Girl God Help the Girl
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Eve is a catastrophe—low on self-esteem but high on fantasy, especially when it comes to music. Over the course of one Glasgow summer, she meets two similarly rootless souls: posh Cass and fastidious James, and together they form a group.

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[UPDATED: 10/17/14] jvince's 2014 Movie Rankings


jvince 62 films 48 66

All the 2014 US releases I've seen ranked from best to worst.

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MIFF 2014

List of feature length films at Melbourne International Film Festival 2014.

Screening 31 July to 17 August.

FYI: Last year…

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  • Dear White People Dear White People
  • Fishing Without Nets Fishing Without Nets
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Sundance Film Festival 2014

John Chiras

John Chiras 72 films 31

U.S Dramatic Competition: 1 to 16

World Cinema Dramatic Competition: 17 to 26

Premieres: 27 to 43

NEXT: 44 to…