• Han Solo

    ★★★★ Rewatched by Han Solo 12 Sep, 2014

    I don't care if people hate this movie. I don't care if Maria Pitillo, who plays Audrey Timmonds, is terrible. But still is a cutie. I don't care if there are two characters that were created after Siskel & Ebert. I don't care if Godzilla looks like a dinosaur instead of a lizard. I love this movie.


  • Peter Pluymers

    ★★ Watched by Peter Pluymers 20 Jan, 2014

    "The radiation isn't an anomaly, it's the clue."

    Because of the new release of Godzilla this year, and I’m looking forward to that, I watched this old blockbuster of 1998 once again. Well, it's obviously an old movie in terms of CGI and the acting is sometimes hugely annoying and childish. Compared to the new movie this year it really looks miserable sometimes . On the other hand, I can still remember the original Godzilla movies I saw when I…


  • Ross Bonaime

    ★★ Rewatched by Ross Bonaime 19 Aug, 2014

    After rewatching Godzilla at a recent RiffTrax showing - the first time I had seen this film in 16 years - I left thinking what I did all those years ago: it's not great, but it is fun. Yes, it is incredibly silly, the plot doesn't make sense, the acting is spotty and the special effects are absolutely awful. But still, you know what, I had fun with it. It's not even Roland Emmerich's worst film (10,000 B.C., you're terrible) and it's too dumb for me to take seriously.


  • JPC

    Watched by JPC 29 Aug, 2014

    Un mojón tan grande como los que debía hacer el susodicho.


  • Edith Nelson

    ★½ Rewatched by Edith Nelson 19 Aug, 2014

    I Had Forgotten How Long and Bad This Is

    I think I'm instituting a new policy today regarding riffed movies. If I see them live in the theatre (or, well, the next week in the theatre because I had to take someone to the airport), I will count it as seeing the movie, because I know based on Starship Troopers that they don't edit. If they did, they would have just cut the shower scene, not distracted us from the…


  • Matthew Ryan

    ½ Rewatched by Matthew Ryan 23 Aug, 2014

    This isn't so much a review as it is complaining and nitpicking. This is a bad movie. It's not just a bad "Godzilla" movie, it's a terrible film. It's not so bad it's good, it's not so bad it's funny. It's just bad.

    Why is Matthew Broderick the hero of this action movie?

    Why is it so funny that everyone gets his name wrong that we need to hear the same joke 6 times throughout the film?

    Why is every…


  • HotDonkeyBear

    ★★ Rewatched by HotDonkeyBear 23 Aug, 2014

    As corny and perfunctory as it gets, the 1998 Godzilla boasts a bumbling cast, a terrible misuse of a legendary monster, godawful special effects (even for the late nineties) and for some reason... half of The Simpsons cast.

    I'll give Emmerich the "old geezer fishing" scene as it's the only truly decent part of the film. Even looking past the old quibbles of, "size shifting monster" and "how the fuck can you lose Godzilla?", this is still a laughably bad…


  • Silversaxophone

    ★★ Watched by Silversaxophone 23 Aug, 2014

    It should come as no surprise that Hollywood literalised what was originally a powerful symbol for the nuclear apocalypse, nor that Roland Emmerich would take the commercial route in every creative decision. So, this Godzilla is a sympathetic creature simply trying to find a nest. Emmerich fosters a comic tone toward the material - bumbling soldiers, wise-cracking New Yorkers, sleazy reporters, corrupt politicians, Frenchmen in a strange land - because more than anything else this is a joyride, fun for…


  • Jimmy Christian

    ★½ Rewatched by Jimmy Christian 19 Aug, 2014

    Last night, I watched the live RiffTrax commentary of Godzilla (1998). I didn't know what to expect as I've never actually been to any of them. I'll come back to my experience with the commentary in the latter part of the review.

    As for Godzilla (1998) itself, the movie is pretty awful. Not only is the Godzilla monster itself completely unfaithful to the original Godzilla monster, but it's an ugly soulless derivative uninspired character design fashioned to capitalize on Jurassic…


  • David Halberstadt

    ★½ Rewatched by David Halberstadt 19 Aug, 2014

    You know how some movies get better every time you see them? Roland Emmerich's Godzilla gets worse every time I watch it. The CGI looks more terrible, the characters get more annoying, the jokes bomb harder, the running time drags longer, the plot makes less sense... This movie sure was a hell of a lot better when I was twelve.


  • Clay Templeton

    ★½ Rewatched by Clay Templeton 19 Aug, 2014

    w/ Rifftrax commentary


  • moviereviewninj

    ★★½ Rewatched by moviereviewninj 19 Aug, 2014

    Saw Rifftrax Live encore of this.
    The rifftrax - hysterical
    The movie - hasn't aged well.