• Joyce Heinen

    ★★ Rewatched by Joyce Heinen 30 Aug, 2015

    Film # 25 of the "Scavenger Hunt #5" Challenge
    Task # 10: A Godzilla film
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    Another monster movie, starring the mighty Godzilla. This time Ronald Emmerich takes on the directing job.

    Leading actor Matthew Broderick doesn’t know what to do with his character. He fails in the buildup of the tension and he even manages to let the romantic subplot fail. Jean Reno on the other hand, is funny and he does show what he is capable of.…


  • robthefilmgeek

    Added by robthefilmgeek

    Seeing this in cinema on original release just left me with so much crushing disappointment.


  • Daisy Victoria Edwards

    ★★★ Watched by Daisy Victoria Edwards 19 Aug, 2015

    Film #15 of the "Scavenger Hunt #5" Challenge.
    Task #10: A Godzilla movie.

    Classic, fun, 90s action blockbuster. Nothing outstanding. Some much needed comedy relief dotted throughout the action sequences that held onto the last thread of my attention. Matthew Broderick is a cutie. The other characters are forgettable.


  • Conan Tan

    ★★½ Watched by Conan Tan 07 Feb, 2015

    Not. enough. Godzilla. In terms of presence and the height. Not that much different from the other American disaster movies made.


  • Aurora Esterlia

    ★★★½ Added by Aurora Esterlia

    Your favorite Ferris Bueller is going to save the world. Or your go! go! gadget! Or your David. But anyways,he's now a NRC biologist and not Japanese, he will help Godzilla to ruin New York City.

    There were so many scary scenes on this movie that well-edited and well-CGI. Many people say that Godzilla looks very similar with Dinosaurs in Jurassic Park *yeah, like Velociraptors* but then I realized, just realizing.... this Godzilla though very wrong look from the original, he looks better than Indominus Rex. Because its bigger, faster, and stronger.
    I just saying.


  • Mr BrundleFly

    ★★ Added by Mr BrundleFly

    Esta película está considerada "una puta mierda". Y a ver, en cierto modo lo es. Tiene nula originalidad (usar el plot básico de Godzilla, pero calcando marranamente tramos enteros de Jurassic Park & The Lost World y Aliens), el diseño de Godzilla pese a ser bastante guay en ningún momento evoca al monstruo clásico, y los diálogos son mayormente vergonzosos, sobre todo en el caso de algunos personajes que los aderezan con actuaciones paupérrimas. Por no mencionar lo sumamente estúpidos que…


  • Tasha Marie

    ★★★ Rewatched by Tasha Marie 18 Aug, 2015

    Silly but not terrible. Watchable. Man, the CGI has not aged well at ALL.


  • Caleb Cabrera

    ★★ Watched by Caleb Cabrera 17 Aug, 2015


    FILM 18 OF 30

    TASK 10, A Godzilla film.

    Roland Emmerich is not a very good director in my opinion. He has more bombs than good films in his catalog, and the only films that I can say I actually enjoyed were Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow. ID being great (minus Will Smith) and TDAT being average. Godzilla joins the ranks of 2012, 10,000 B.C., and White House Down as Emmerich shit-tier films. Broderick is absolutely horrendous…


  • CinemaClown

    ★★ Watched by CinemaClown 12 Aug, 2015 2

    It's a good thing that I watched this movie back when I was just another stupid kid who had no idea that this monster was a Japanese creation plus actually ended up enjoying it a lot & used to rewatch it whenever it aired on TV. Looking back now, it's nearly impossible to ignore the countless shortcomings but blame it on nostalgia, it still remains a guilty pleasure.

    Reimagining the legendary monster of Japanese cinema in Hollywood style, Godzilla tells the…


  • Jason Darby

    ½ Rewatched by Jason Darby 07 Aug, 2015

    There's something of a famous line in this movie, revolving around Matthew Broderick and a quip about a lot of fish. Ironically enough this film and those fish have something else in common, they both smell like shit after a few moments out in the open.

    Roland Emmerich's bastardized attempt to Americanize the legendary monster Godzilla is about as successful as you might expect. All of the usual tropes of Emmerich's films are here, but they are all executed horribly.…


  • QDB

    ★★½ Added by QDB 2

    A film that is loathed by many a Godzilla fan so much that it has been unofficially dubbed G.I.N.O. or Godzilla In Name Only. But with the benefit of hindsight the question remains, is it a good Godzilla film? By most people's standards no, but it is a decent monster movie. It does a decent job of building suspense in the beginning, during nighttime the aged CGI is on the low end of good, the creature (officially called Zilla) has…


  • dadgumblah

    ★★★★ Added by dadgumblah 2

    This review reportedly contains spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    As a huge Godzilla fan, I was stoked to see this when it came out. When the new Godzilla film with Bryan Cranston was released, I thought I'd revisit this one for nostalgia's sake.

    Many people complained that there was no script for this movie, but with a Godzilla or giant monster movie, I only expect the monster to wage war against mankind and destroy property while doing so, and that's what I got in this movie. The effects are…