• Naughty

    ★★★★★ Watched by Naughty 26 Oct, 2014 18

    Huge Blockbuster special effects that exploded like Bouncing Betty's and literally blew me away! Heavy action kept me locked and loaded and ready to go off at any moment! It was non stop thrills from start to finish!

    A fabulous escapist film that delivered good ole fashioned fun! Jean Reno was fantastic as always and stole every scene he was involved in!

    If you are a purist you may want to avoid the film altogether as it did stray away from the so-called accepted mythology of Godzilla!

    Last Word: The Best Non Godzilla "Godzilla" film I've ever seen!


  • Tim

    ★★ Added by Tim

    I'll be the first to admit that I'm not exactly a fan of Roland Emmerich's work, but I was intrigued to see what he would do with "Godzilla". I was hopeful during the film's opening moments. It looked like Emmerich was going to give the franchise the respect it deserves, but it dissolves into yet another "let's blow crap up" epic that we've come to expect from the auteur. There's no heart here, and the film takes itself way too…


  • Travis Wagner

    Watched by Travis Wagner 24 Oct, 2014

    Forever unclean.


  • Cameron Wayne Johnson

    ★★½ Watched by Cameron Wayne Johnson 23 Oct, 2014

    Curse you for proclaiming that Godzilla has got to go away from Tokyo, Blue Öyster Cult, because now he's hitting up our neck of the woods. I don't know if Matthew Broderick is ready for this, although he has had to deal with "War Games", and I'm thinking that this might be some kind of continuation of the WWII nuclear arms race, because this great nuclear monstrosity is being brought to the States by a German. Yeah, forget Werner Heisenberg's…


  • Hemi

    ½ Added by Hemi

    If you could take a series i loved as a child and basically flip me off while in turn slowly rape it.. then you have this movie. May it burn in hell.


  • The Movie Opinionist: Dale Hutchinson (Watching Movies, Giving Stars and Opinions... Like a Boss)

    ½ Added by The Movie Opinionist: Dale Hutchinson (Watching Movies, Giving Stars and Opinions... Like a Boss)

    Sadly I can't say that this is the Worst movie with Matthew Broderick in it. However I can say this is a steaming pile of Doodoo. giving it a half a star seems generous. However Jean Reno


  • Cole_Ratcliff

    ★★ Watched by Cole_Ratcliff 10 Oct, 2014

    C (73)


  • Kymberlie McGuire

    Watched by Kymberlie McGuire 19 Aug, 2014

    Rifftrax with Bobby. This movie is terrible and awfully dated and the riffing was a little subpar. Not near as fun as I had hoped. Whomp whomp.


  • Dave

    Rewatched by Dave 03 Oct, 2014

    An enormous, radioactively mutated lizard runs rampant in Manhattan. - IMDB

    It's not too deep into the film when there's a shit ton of action, and then it DOESN'T FUCKING STOP. It's a staple of the director Roland Emmerich's movies, really.

    There was a few times that the actual size of the Godzilla was highly inconsistent. I tend to notice things like this in film.

    It's also pretty bland. It just feels completely one note and gets a little tiresome that it's just not-stop-on-the-go action.

    Just watch the 2014 version. At least it has some substance.


  • TJ Ponder

    ★★ Added by TJ Ponder

    Now enjoyed the hell out of this when I was a kid. I didn't know any better. However it does earn some points due to nostalgia.


  • Chris Niklewski

    ★★½ Added by Chris Niklewski

    After not having watched this film in years, I finally watched it again while marathoning all the Godzilla movies (I include this one for completion's sake). It's not really a horrible kaiju/disaster movie and it's decent but it's nothing like a Godzilla movie and my rating is in comparison to the other Godzilla movies. The creature design is fine, the baby Zilla sequence is awful and the only thing they did get right was Godzilla's roar. At least they didn't…


  • Mania

    ★½ Watched by Mania 28 Sep, 2014

    σταθερά εκνευριστικός ο Emmerich.