Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods

See the True Story of a Fictional Life

Philosopher, pop-icon, shaman and story teller - as one of the most influential comic book writers in the market today, Grant Morrison is all of these things. His explosive and often controversial 30 year career has made him a household name for comic fans, and he shows no signs of slowing down. Morrison's career is now taking a new turn, as he explores media beyond comic books. With film and television projects on the horizon, more and more people are asking "Who is Grant Morrison?" Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods is a feature length documentary that takes an in depth look at the life, career and mind of the man behind such pivotal titles as Batman RIP, The Invisibles, All Star Superman, The New X-Men, and many more. Featuring candid interviews with Morrison and his most important collaborators, Talking with Gods reveals an intelligent and thought provoking side of comic books that is often overlooked in Hollywood adaptations.

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