• LorraineSovern

    ★★★★★ Added by LorraineSovern

    An amazing film and fantastic soundtrack.


  • rawrawr

    ★★★★ Watched by rawrawr 24 Jan, 2015

    This review reportedly contains spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    White guy == crackhead and teacher
    black young girl == clever

    The girl sees the teacher smoking crack in school. So they share a secret and stay connected. Both have this bound and become friends in a weird way.


  • Katie

    ★★★½ Watched by Katie 16 Jan, 2015

    Motel scene made me squirm.

    Gosling incredible as always.

    Excellent soundtrack.


  • feedingbrett

    ★★★½ Watched by feedingbrett 14 Jan, 2015

    Review In A Nutshell:

    I have seen a number of films that revolve around teacher-student relationships; exceptional ones include School of Rock, Garden of Words, and The Class (Entre Les Murs). Half Nelson revolves around this relationship but adds elements of drugs and role-modelling into the mix. It tells the story of Dan Dunne, a history teacher who has a drug habit that he cannot seem to shake off, despite multiple trials of rehab and other alternative measures; he states…


  • anne_f_

    ★★★★ Watched by anne_f_ 03 Jan, 2015

    Dan (Ryan Gosling teaches young teenagers history in an inner city school and coaches the school's basketball team. Drey (Shareeka Epps) is a one of his students, her mother works hard to provide for her family alone, her brother is in prison for drug offences. Both Drey and Dan are involved, to varying degrees, with drugs - she is being groomed by the local dealer to become involved in his business, whilst Dan is overfond of hard drugs as a…


  • karlhorberg

    ★★★★★ Watched by karlhorberg 17 Mar, 2007

    Ryan Gosling moved from heart throb to ac-tor in this film about a teacher who can't get rid of his demons.


  • kungen

    ★★½ Watched by kungen 14 Dec, 2014

    Moderate movie, falls under the category "watch if you got the time", not perticularily good, nor bad. Expected more from Ryan though, week story and it goes on and on and on...It´s like nothing ever happends allthough it does. Kind of boring I would say..


  • Matt Newton

    ★★★ Added by Matt Newton

    American movie-going audiences are secretly enamored by watching the implosion of others. We take pleasure in playing witness to the downward spiral of our fictitious other, knowing full well we can experience the ride from the comfort and safety of a darkened theater and that we can thank the heavens that, when the credits roll, we may retreat from the on-screen self through which we have lived vicariously, if only for a while. Half Nelson continues that long tradition of…


  • Jason Alley

    ★★★★ Rewatched by Jason Alley 05 Dec, 2014

    A pale, greasy, pre-buffness Ryan Gosling stars in HALF NELSON as Dan, a junior high history teacher who is also addicted to crack.

    He's great, and so is Shareeka Epps as Drey, a student who knows his secret and could turn him in at any time, but instead decides to extend a cautious helping hand. In many ways HALF NELSON is even more Drey's story than it is Dan's, as she is stuck between two almost equally bad (in different…


  • Jakub Flasz

    ★★★★ Watched by Jakub Flasz 02 Dec, 2014

    The Gosling man-crush continues.

    I could do without the shaky, cutesy, indie aesthetic of zooming onto faces all the time and recording everything in shallow depth of field. C'mon! Grow some balls and use wider angles from time to time! I think it should be some sort of a requirement for all the first-time indie film-makers. Blurred-out backgrounds look very nice and all but there's time and place for everything. And it's not ALL THE time. Oy vey...


  • Joseph Henderson

    ★★★★★ Watched by Joseph Henderson 24 Nov, 2014

    Very refreshing to watch a film that hasn't evidently bent over for economic concerns. It doesn't care about appealing to everyone, it has its audience, but it's clearly a film made exactly how it was intended.

    Although initially seeming a bit thin on storyline; the simplicity of its plot is the film's coup. There are no epiphany moments where the protagonist suddenly realises the error of his ways and changes himself immediately for the better. The character progression happens like…


  • paulsell

    ★★★★★ Rewatched by paulsell 22 Nov, 2014

    This film, man its got a part of my heart. Its not epic in scope, it doesn’t reinvent the form nor does it tell a story you’ve never heard. On paper it seems like a corny plot, white teacher with a drug problem, black student at a crossroad, they will both learn from each other blablabla. But this film is so much more than that, it is the very best of what a small American indie can be when done…