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  • Amnesia Amnesia
  • Deadly Heroes Deadly Heroes
  • Shadow Run Shadow Run
  • Body Snatchers Body Snatchers
  • The Siege The Siege

Movies I have watched on VHS/DVD since 1983 Part 2

Paul Berkeley

Paul Berkeley 2,076 films 3 Edit

This is the second part of my list of watched movies, this list carries on from June 1999 to the…

  • Masters of the Universe Masters of the Universe
  • Invasion U.S.A. Invasion U.S.A.
  • Bending The Rules Bending The Rules
  • Over the Top Over the Top
  • Freejack Freejack

Stinker Madness

Leo Logan

Leo Logan 42 films Edit

Stinker Madness is a film podcast that covers around bad and cult cinema, hosted by Justin, Sam and Jackie. Link:…

  • City of God City of God
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
  • Spider-Man Spider-Man
  • Catch Me If You Can Catch Me If You Can
  • Gangs of New York Gangs of New York
  • $50K and a Call Girl: A Love Story $50K and a Call Girl: A Love Story
  • (500) Days of Summer (500) Days of Summer
  • [REC] [REC]
  • [REC]² [REC]²
  • [REC]³ Genesis [REC]³ Genesis
  • Return from the River Kwai Return from the River Kwai
  • Cyborg Cyborg
  • Ed Gein Ed Gein
  • C.H.U.D. II - Bud the Chud C.H.U.D. II - Bud the Chud
  • Phone Booth Phone Booth

Movie VHS I Own

Barry Skelly

Barry Skelly 1,048 films 3 2 Edit

Here is a list containing all of the VHS films I have grabbed over the years.

  • The Jazz Singer The Jazz Singer
  • Xanadu Xanadu
  • Coast To Coast Coast To Coast
  • Dressed to Kill Dressed to Kill
  • The Island The Island

The Golden Raspberry Nominees for Worst Leading Actor 1980-2014

The Razzie Award for Worst Leading Actor is presented at the annual Golden Raspberry Awards to the worst leading actor…

  • Predator Predator
  • Blue Thunder Blue Thunder
  • Die Hard Die Hard
  • Stone Cold Stone Cold
  • Shooter Shooter

Films with exploding helicopters

A film is always improved by a helicopter explosion. Here are all the films I know of with at least…

  • Austin Powers in Goldmember Austin Powers in Goldmember
  • The Ring The Ring
  • 8 Mile 8 Mile
  • The Scorpion King The Scorpion King
  • Hero Hero
  • Pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor
  • Bad Boys II Bad Boys II
  • Armageddon Armageddon
  • The Island The Island
  • Transformers Transformers

Your Film Fucking Sucks!!!!!

An on-going collection of the worst films ever made. Even the ones that are so fucking bad, they're not worthy…

  • Pentathlon Pentathlon
  • Interceptors Interceptors
  • The Oily Maniac The Oily Maniac
  • Land of the Free Land of the Free
  • Miami Vice: Brother's Keeper Miami Vice: Brother's Keeper
  • Orange County Orange County
  • Snow Dogs Snow Dogs
  • The Count of Monte Cristo The Count of Monte Cristo
  • The Mothman Prophecies The Mothman Prophecies
  • A Walk to Remember A Walk to Remember
  • Morning Glory Morning Glory
  • Serendipity Serendipity
  • Galaxy Quest Galaxy Quest
  • Half Past Dead Half Past Dead
  • Jackass: The Movie Jackass: The Movie

My Guilty Pleasures


Jeff 22 films Edit

I have to admit my taste in movies is sometimes...questionable for the mainstream viewer. I don't read reviews too often,…