• Hunter Ruth

    ★★ Watched by Hunter Ruth 25 May, 2015

    The effects and violence were over the top and awesome. But not enough to justify the hour and a half of horrible writing and acting.

    I look forward to seeing the twenty minute Treevenge.


  • Rory M

    Watched by Rory M 26 May, 2015 2

    Hobo with a Shotgun, if the name doesn't give it away, this is one crazy ridiculously over the top film, fit to bursting with disgustingly awful crime lords and so much blood that even The Shining elevator scene pales in comparison. It's also total shit.

    The aim of Hobo with a Shotgun is very obvious. It spends the first twenty minutes displaying some truly despicable acts from both the big crime boss of the town "The Drake" and this cohorts…


  • Ghostsmut

    ½ Watched by Ghostsmut 17 May, 2015

    Hobo With A Shotgun is not a bad film because it's tasteless. It's a bad film because it treats it's audience like shit.

    Just having men scream the worst, most awful misogynistic threats to women but then having them get killed still doesn't justify the content. There is a lot of sick fun to be had here otherwise but I found its reliance on lowest common denominator button-pushing grew tiresome very quickly.

    Simply, everyone in this should be killed.


  • SmokingPizza

    ★★★★★ Added by SmokingPizza

    If you don't love this movie then fuck you.


  • thezoomfilmblog

    ★★★ Watched by thezoomfilmblog 14 May, 2015

    A lot of silly and gory fun. Over-the-top and entertaining in every scene, if perhaps a touch repetitive.


  • HotDonkeyBear

    ★★ Watched by HotDonkeyBear 11 May, 2015

    An admirable work in stretching a trailer into a full length feature film but ultimately nowhere near as stylised or shamelessly enjoyable as Machete.

    Rutger Hauer is the living embodiment of "world weary", with grizzled features that fall somewhere between contorted grimace and weatherworn, leathery ball bag. In true grind house style the one liners are crappy and the performances are over the top, and the whole spectacle has something Troma'ish about it.

    I'm glad I saw it, I'm glad we live in a world where this kind of homage can be made but it won't warrant a repeat watch in future.


  • Marc Inman

    ★★★★★ Rewatched by Marc Inman 10 May, 2015

    Genuinely good. Faux exploitation done right. Better than Planet Terror, almost as good as Death Proof.


  • Alex Sheldon

    Watched by Alex Sheldon 09 May, 2015

    Does it count if I managed to endure about an hour of this?
    I wish I hadn't though.
    But for fans of old school (80's?) urban grind house mayhem, then this is for them.


  • Jeremiah Dollins

    ★★★½ Rewatched by Jeremiah Dollins 08 May, 2015

    Watched this one with Movie Club today. The kids were ultra excited about the movie, of course. Get a group of teen boys in a room, put on an ultra-violent movie with caveman values towards women and society, and you will have a hit on your hands. HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, thankfully, is not to be taken too seriously. It is a movie that is fully aware of how goofy it is. And when you have Rutger Hauer bringing a little pathos to an otherwise thankless role as the title character, it's a joy to watch.


  • E Harrison

    ★★★★★ Rewatched by E Harrison 05 May, 2015

    i !!!! love!!!! this!!!!!!!!! movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Clay Bones

    ½ Watched by Clay Bones 02 May, 2015

    Okay. If you pry past all the convoluted tripe and over exposure to violence, there is something decent buried within it's story, nothing likely to be groundbreaking but definitely something with more to say than what has been portrayed here.

    Too ridiculous to take seriously but too serious to actually take the whole thing as a joke. So violent that even Quentin Tarantino was squinting with confusion. Painful to watch not only due to it's morals but the Instagram filtered…


  • Alan Jones

    ★★★½ Watched by Alan Jones 02 May, 2015

    Ha ha ha. Completely mad, stupid old-school exploitation gorefest. Don't expect a thought provoking urban drama. This is full on grim, in a neat 80-odd minute package.