• Nathan Chazan

    if you want to watch Dwight from The Office get mutilated, this is your movie i guess. Sid Haig is a national treasure. Devil's Rejects is way better


  • John Sippel


    Every Rob Zombie movie in my oppinion are intense and twisted, and for that reason "scary". Zombie brings his style into all of his films, but this one has to be my favorite. Very disturbing and one of those movies I'll watch each October (I'll really marathon all his movies). Plus Rainn Wilson and Chris Hartwick are in it when they are young, basically playing themselves...who inevitably are brutally murdered by a family of psychopaths.


  • Eamon Willis


    The Devil's Reject is definitely the better of the two, but I don't understand all the hate behind this. I'll have to check out more of his movies but I'm really liking Zombie's style so far. Stylistically low-budget exploitation films with a dark sense of humor, which I think is hilarious. I can't wait to see what else Zombie can do.


  • Edison


    With his debut film, House of 1000 corpses, Rob Zombie really made a name for him self as a talented director with a very unique style. For a lot of people Rob Zombie's movies are love them or hate them. I personally am a fan of his films because at a time when a lot of horror movies seem to be watered down pg-13 jump fest or remakes of much better foreign films, Rob Zombie seemed to be one of…


  • Justin 🙇🏽


    i guess it's too much of an indulgence in pure formalism, but this was so rad in elementary school. like if tim burton was uninhibited. i still want one of those "pigs is beautiful" shirts


  • HaydenVaderFan

    Dwight dies.


  • Jordan Smith

    Roger Avary once said of his friend and writing partner, "If Quentin Tarantino hadn't made it in the movies he'd probably have ended up a serial killer." That makes sense but it might apply to fellow 70's fetishist Rob Zombie even more. For one, the violence is simply nastier and less winking than QT's, reveling in the queasiness of the bloodletting rather than aestheticizing it. While Tarantino gives reprehensible characters a platform to charm and pontificate before ultimately delivering their…


  • Jake Ted Terry


    Ugly Brilliance

    I wouldn't expect many to love this film as much as I do or even like or enjoy it. This film was a reopening of the classic horror genre with a twist for me. 

    The sound, design and performances in this film gave this film a slight cult following and made me love all the hateful things in the film. 

    This and Devils Rejects 2005, are perhaps director Rob Zombies only true horror films.


  • RonnieGardocki


    What a waste of Walton Goggins. This is for people who saw the first two Texas Chainsaw Massacres and deemed them not shitty enough for their liking.

    God, the acting in this is atrocious. No one who casts their movie with horror "icons" is setting out to make something good.


  • Sarah Knauf

    I have not seen many works by Rob Zombie. I started watching his latest "31" but the director's tropes proved to be too much for my migraines. HoTC is more of the same. The excessively long open credits with Zombie's shock imagery sets the tone for the rest of the film. The acting is offputtingly unnatural, a creative choice Zombie provides for excess campiness. But where the film succeeds with Sid Haig's over the top Captain Spaulding, it also loses…


  • Thief12

    Rob Zombie's debut film was a problematic one. Filmed in 2000, but shelved for a couple of years, it wasn't until he managed to buy it back that it was released. The film features two couples on a similarly rocky road as they travel through the Texas countryside, where they end up being terrorized by a sadistic family.

    Zombie is anything but subtle, and it shows here, but he is not a hack. Having already seen his two Halloween films,…


  • Babycakes

    I finally reached 1000 movies counted for 2016 on December 31st. (Not including about 15 re-re-watches) I don't know if I'll aim for the same number in 2017, but it's been an insane ride.

    This particular movie was forgettable, and I only picked it because on this last evening I couldn't find anything else with a "thousand" in the title I could watch legally. After a trip to the video store this was the only option.

    So thanks Family Video, Sid Haig, and Rob Zombie for providing the last piece of self worth I needed to bring in the new year.