• Eli

    ★★★½ Rewatched by Eli 24 Jun, 2016 2

    The latest issue of Howard The Duck ends with Lea Thompson walking through his door. That was all the inspiration I needed for a rewatch of this movie.

    This film is just good, pure 80s cheese, filled with fowl humor. Howard is awesome, Beverly is awesome, and Tim Robbins and Jeffrey Jones are awesome as well. I really miss the MTV generation of movies when there would just be a song out of nowhere. Howard is such a lovable character…


  • CJ

    ★★ Watched by CJ 19 Jun, 2016

    I remember seeing this on the cinema as a little kid and loving it but couldn't recall much about it as an adult. Obviously, it's got reputation as either one of the worst films of all-time or a misunderstood gonzoid cult classic, depending on who you ask, so I went into this on Blu-Ray with mixed hopes.

    It is... an odd film. The premise - a space duck being pulled to earth by a giant laserbeam and adapting to human…


  • rtorso

    Rewatched by rtorso 19 Jun, 2016

    ...and now, because of this fukking piece of shit film I've been forced to go find out what a duck's cock is like.
    it turns out that it's like a massive corkscrew with barbs at the top


    Lea Thompson missed out on quite an experience then.


  • rtorso

    Watched by rtorso 19 Jun, 2016

    The man who gave us the genius of MESSIAH OF EVIL went on to make this "movie" which features a woman finding a condom in a talking duck's wallet.
    Earth is a strange place.


  • Tim Brzakala

    Watched by Tim Brzakala 17 Jun, 2016

    Wow. Just wow.


  • Brandon Louis

    ★★★ Watched by Brandon Louis 08 Jun, 2016

    This movie is one of the most ridiculous premises even if it is based on a comic book .but it's so much fun and entertaining ,is it a good movie ? No but it's good for what it is and i enjoyed the hell of this movie . Howard is such a likeable character and so is Lea Thomson which is makes this movie works and also tim Robbins is in this flim .  

    The villian is obviously really stupid…


  • jamjortur

    Watched by jamjortur 03 Jun, 2016

    I almost lost the will to live watching this film...

    The film started out as a film that you can laugh at because it just is so bad, I found myself laughing hysterically at the fact someone thought that "quack fu" would be good

    Amongst that there was stupid and annoying characters, stupid decisions made, like why they chose to fly a plane instead of just taking one of the vans next to it and also cringeworthy scenes, obvious stunt…


  • John Lane

    ½ Watched by John Lane 27 May, 2016

    I've been revisiting movies from my childhood in the late 80's. I remember liking this as a kid, but it must have been a chopped up TV version. This does NOT hold up.


  • Mud

    ★★★★★ Added by Mud

    What's not to love in a film about a sarcastic humanoid duck? It has it's faults but it will make you laugh. If there is an iconic film for the 80's this is it.


  • vanslater

    ★★★★★ Watched by vanslater 26 Apr, 2010


  • Brooke Kamishlian

    Watched by Brooke Kamishlian 20 May, 2016 2

    I was peripherally aware this movie existed. I even recognized Howard as Mr. The Duck in the after credits scene in GotG. Other than those 2 things I knew nothing about this character. I still kinda know nothing about this character after spending 2 hours with him. Other than he has no right being that much fun!

    Caroline in the City is repeatedly rescued from various bad men by a 3 foot tall, wise-cracking, anthropomorphized duck from a different world.…


  • Shane Enriquez

    ½ Watched by Shane Enriquez 27 Apr, 2016

    I knew this was going to be bad, but I'm truly baffled as to how awful it really is. Throughout this almost 2 hour slog of a film a never found myself excited or entertained just confused to the fact that people said this was okay to release this. 

    Anyways the film itself is about Howard from Duckworld who is immediately transported to Earth through a portal. There he meets the beautiful Lea Thompson and Tim Robbins. Why are these…