• LorcaZombi

    ★½ Watched by LorcaZombi 04 Apr, 2014

    The best thing about this movie was Momo. I found myself FFing through parts...it was a little bit of a snore-fest


  • wj

    ★★ Added by wj

    Wasn't a terrible movie but had a very flat plot. The writer should have upped the stakes.


  • marenga

    Added by marenga

    Ούτε μισό αστεράκι δεν σου αξίζει.


  • Evelynw

    ★★★ Watched by Evelynw 07 Jan, 2014

    The first time I saw a trailer about this film, I was immediately interested: A business woman with kids trying to manage both of them. Not that I'm a business woman nor have I kids, but maybe in the future some day....:) Anyway. I totally forgot about this film until I saw it was coming on the Dutch Television! Thank you NET5! It's not often I watch a film on the television since there are so much commercial breaks, but…


  • Amy Davies

    ★★½ Watched by Amy Davies 10 Jan, 2014

    Trashy, but I like trashy.


  • Steve "The Schmuck" Pulaski

    ★★★½ Watched by Steve "The Schmuck" Pulaski 03 Dec, 2013

    I Don't Know How She Does It is another film that actually has a bit of a brain in its head, but rather than recognizing it, many people dismissed it on-sight as a film that was unremarkable and generic. Some even went as far as to call it an outdated look at gender roles. The idea of a mother being the breadwinner of the family and holding down the fort, juggling a big job, kids, scheduling, and a family that…


  • Sabela La

    ½ Rewatched by Sabela La 23 Nov, 2013

    Es tan mala que ni te esperas que sea así de mala. De hecho pasan un par de meses, la vuelven a echar y la ves pensando que no podía ser tan mala como la recuerdas pero hasta se supera.


  • maedchen

    ½ Watched by maedchen 16 Nov, 2013

    Literally got two minutes into the movie and stopped watching.

    If SJP's character is so together, why would she go to a deli for baking supplies and not a grocery store? There *are* 24-hour grocery stores.

    I can't help but think that a person whose ability to win at life is so awe-inspiring (see the title of the movie) might be able to figure that one out.

    Given that I was only watching the movie because it was on, I immediately gave up.


  • Madeline

    ½ Watched by Madeline 03 Nov, 2013

    I don't know why I did this to myself...


  • Maisie

    Added by Maisie

    I have wondered for a long time how Sarah Jessica Parker still gets given roles in films. Something about her just really bugs me and I never seem to enjoy the films she is in.


  • citizenrobot

    Watched by citizenrobot 09 Oct, 2013

    The message of "yes women CAN have it all" was ultimately undercut by the cutesy breaking the fourth-wall stuff. Feecchhhhttch I can't believe I made it through this movie?


  • JulieC

    Watched by JulieC 17 Sep, 2013

    Predictability at its finest!!

    1 star for Christina Hendricks!! Love her! She is so beautiful!