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    This review reportedly contains spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    A lot of people state that this is the worst movie of the trilogy. I kind of don't agree actually. Not to say that I don't like Raiders of the lost Ark, but the main reason I like this movie is to do with the relationship of the Indy and Short-round. I always thought that Short-round was an adorable kid who took more after Indy than Mutt ever did. The only real downside of this movie for me was that Willie was so irritating and he STILL ended up with her (at least until the next movie).


  • rawrawr

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    Great to hear the indiana theme in full action :)


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    This review reportedly contains spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I don't understand the dislike towards Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Its awesome & on par with the other instalments in the original trilogy. The opening scene where Indy is poisoned is awesome, the dinner scene with the monkey brains is awesome, the mine cart chase is awesome, Indy cutting down the bridge is awesome & so on. A 5 star film all the way!


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  • Paul Robinson

    ★★★★★ Rewatched by Paul Robinson 19 Apr, 2015

    A lot of peoples least favourite of the original trilogy but I stand strong with my huge appreciation for this Spielberg action epic. I have great love for this action packed adventure. Spielberg ups the ante with some of the most elaborate and spectacular action set pieces with an opening sequence that astounds me every time. Yes, some of the effects look a little dated now but what an opener! in fact Temple of Doom is my most watched of…


  • Sam Vélez

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    Entiendo que no pueda valorarla como los que la vieron antes pero es que...

    Esta película es tan mierda como el Real Madrid


  • perrinet77

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    I used to be much more forgiving of this film in my younger days, and definitely for a little while after Indy 4, but rewatching it now and especially in HD all of its flaws are quite apparent. It looks cheaper than all the other Indiana Jones movies with so much of it taking place on cartoonishly lit B-movie soundstages and lots of bad effects (Indy 1 and 3 also have bad/cheesy effects but Temple of Doom seems to be…


  • phil haigh

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    Great opening at the Obi Wan. The Indians' portrayal is really pretty dodgy, though, and, back in 1935, Kate Capshaw's character must have had a future-seeing hairdresser fixated on the 80s.


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    A lot of people only like to acknowledge Raiders and Crusade when thinking of the Indiana Jones Trilogy but to me this one stands out as one of the best. It's a very different sequel, whereas the first and the third movies are very much alike in their tone and plot. It's difference alone from the other too makes me love it even more. I dunno, you either love this one or you don't. I happen to love it.


  • Simon Crookston

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    Remember that week where Indiana Jones was a massive dick head and hung about with two annoying folk on a soundstage?

    Me neither


  • John Dougherty

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    I remember this more clearly than it's predecessor, so can only presume I've seen it more often, as a child. Vivid memories provoked by chilled monkey brains, DIY heart removals and the minecart chase sequence! I think - think! - I might prefer this to RAIDERS? ...


  • Jack Caulfield

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    Only very recently did I realise that Temple of Doom is actually brilliant and showcases a misogynist prick turning into a decent, compassionate bloke (who still lassos women). It is kind of racist, especially when portraying the Kali Thuggee, but the depiction of the small village and especially the performance of Don Ruter Nanayakkara really feel affectionate, and to me it seems like Spielberg is revering the culture, not mocking it. While it is invariably the weakest of the trilogy it still has a fabulously macabre story, some memorable performances and some world class action. Seriously, the rope bridge. The rope bridge.