• The Film Avenger

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    Tarantino's indulgence in WWII history could have been great had it not been for the film's third act. It's one thing to set fictional events in a historic setting. It's another to mess with the actual history. As much as it makes for a poetic ending, it was simply bizarre.


  • Cedric

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    Tarantino's writing creates a curious mix of heavy drama with jarring comedy, and together with such a powerful backdrop, makes a picture that is fresh and entertaining, while leaving a very dark undertone.


  • Tom Prankerd

    ★★★ Watched by Tom Prankerd 18 Nov, 2014

    Qualified success. It's an interesting change in this day and age to have a gleeful, unrepentent war movie, though the juvenile revenge fantasy portrayal of the Jewish unit (not helped by Brad Pitt's cartoony performance - someone reset that dislocated jaw for the lad, please) won't be to all tastes.

    There's a lot of largely unnecessary chaff in the script (Michael Fassbender's character really doesn't do much beyond kill twenty minutes and the subplot with Daniel Bruhl also feels like…


  • teamzizzou

    ★★★★ Rewatched by teamzizzou 18 Nov, 2014

    Tarantino might be Satan's Ball Sack but Basterds is hugely entertaining, especially Pitt.


  • Ethan Fardoux

    ★★★★½ Rewatched by Ethan Fardoux 18 Nov, 2014

    "You know somethin', Utivich? I think this just might be my masterpiece."

    So says Brad Pitt at the end of Inglourious Basterds, and I must say, I have to agree: Inglorious Basterds feels, to me, like Tarantino's masterpiece. It may not be as rawly quotable as Pulp Fiction, as quirky and violent as Kill Bill, or as intense as Reservoir Dogs, but it still carries the trademark Tarantino ultra-violence, snappy dialogue, and anachronistic soundtrack. It does this without seeming overly…


  • Signora Fosca

    ★★★★½ Watched by Signora Fosca 02 Jul, 2013

    THE GIST: Quentin Tarantino has defined himself as an auteur in the good sense of the word. His films have gone on to hallow the halls of the Cinematic Hall of Fame, but this, as a character says in the very film, may be his masterpiece. Full of rich, wonderful characters, careful plotting, a brilliant script, and unbelievably good performances (specifically from Christoph Waltz as the treacherous Nazi commander Hans Landa and Melanie Laurent as Shoshanna, the Jewish escapee). INGLOURIOUS…


  • Brandon Fluhr

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    Damn it Hirschberg!


  • James Utley

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    Why why why why?

    Mr Tarantino, you have shown us that you have the ability to make a damn good film with the opening scene here. Subtlety and tension. I mean, you can clearly bring out great performances too with Waltz in this. Why then am I here giving Inglorious Basterds a three star review?

    There are many great things about this film. There are also so many bad things about this film. It's really inconsistent. The plot needs tightening.…


  • Joey

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    I can't deny there are moments in this movie that are absolutely brilliant... a lot of them -- MOST of them, in fact. It's only when I reached the end and sat back, going, "Wait... that's it?" that I realized this just isn't QT's best. Not for me, anyway. It's a collection of brilliantly staged, tense scenes that don't amount to any sort of resolution. Ask me if I liked the bar scene, or the house scene, or the theater scene, and I'll respond with an enthusiastic yes. Ask me if I enjoyed the movie as a whole? Not really.


  • Chelsea

    ★★★★ Rewatched by Chelsea 06 Nov, 2014

    Two separate threads weave together within this film. There's the complex and sophisticated revenge drama with the epic characters of Shosanna (Melanie Laurent) and Hans Landa (Christoph Waltz) that carries the film through French, English, and German to the climactic peak. Then there's the 'basterds' element, which is crass and over-the-top to the extreme. Through the film's five linear chapters, the two separate yet related story lines and their distinct characters somehow come together to an explosive and Tarantino-esque conclusion.…


  • JamesPowell

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    When I was 12 years old sitting at home one day, I saw a DVD case of the movie Inglorious Bastards. I didn’t know what exactly it was or what it was about, but my brother had just seen it a few days ago and he said that it was Brad Pitt and a bunch of dudes killing Nazis. Sold. So I decided to pop in the DVD in and begin watching it. Now this was the first time I…


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