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    The Scopes trial as “fictionalized” by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee. Spencer Tracy does his cuddly curmudgeon turn as Clarence Darrow; it's a lazy, vague performance, but its wit provides the only crack of light in the film's somber, gray overcast. With Fredric March as William Jennings Bryan and Dick York, soft in the background, as Scopes. Stanley Kramer directed this 1960 feature, and the material suits him obscenely well. 128 min.


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    Nota = 8,5


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    I wish I knew what it was that maked Stanley Kramer drive a piece of music into the gods-damned ground the way he did. He very nearly destroyed On the Beach the previous year with this tic of his, and he seriously undercuts this film with it. I think the damage is less severe in this case because you can almost believe a bunch of worked-up zealots belting out the same song over and again to the point of madness.…


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    The battle of science vs religion remains within the repeated discussions of our period, with loyalties still devoted to a singular side, and the idea of dabbling both would be an act of betrayal from either camp. The two divided concepts have played a tug of war against one another within my heart and mind, throughout the formulating years of my life, unable to decide which of the two made…


  • Mike

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    This film was made in 1960.

    I can't fucking believe we still have trials about teaching evolution in schools.

    Points for Colonel Potter being in it.


  • Scott Audetat

    ★★★½ Watched by Scott Audetat 25 May, 2015

    Okay, I love me some courtroom drama. I hate religious bigotry. So while the court scenes were masterfully acted and paced, it was really, really hard to watch one lawyer spout off all this religious gibberish.

    And when it was outside the court, it was a lot of backwards thinking people saying nothing but religious stuff.

    Basically, it made me want to jump in the movie and bitch slap the Jesus right out of these people. I know that's harsh…


  • Loz Villalba

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    This was definitely an interesting watch. The back and forth between the main characters Drummond and Brady was just really spot on. The two really take those characters and run with it. Also, Gene Kelly as Hornbeck (who is really H. L. Mencken) was incredible.


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    An incredible display of acting skill.

    This a perfect example of when an amazing script is combined with amazing actors. Gene Kelly steals every scene he's in.


  • John Lagerholm

    ★★★★ Watched by John Lagerholm 14 Apr, 2015

    Terrific writing. Gene Kelly is terrific. Always amazing to me that this is based on a true story. Seems so long ago.



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    The fight, the strength, of two grumpy old men makes the theme of no importance - it´s a fight worth watching.
    The cynical Gene Kelly is perfect as a counterweight.


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    A semi-fictional account of the famous 1925 Scopes 'Monkey' Trial, in which a schoolteacher was tried for teaching evolution to his students, rather than the biblical account of creation. Intelligent script and outstanding performances from Spencer Tracy and Frederic March on opposite sides of the counsel. Not all the subplots are tied up but this is still a very good film and perhaps more relevant that ever, given the intelligent design debate in the US at present


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    This review reportedly contains spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I decided I needed to see more movies made before the 70s. One day, when I couldn’t think of any, I decided to watch a random movie I’d never heard that had been nominated for, but not won, the Best Picture Oscar. I quick google of “Academy Awards 1960” (year chosen randomly) and I ended up watching Inherit the Wind. I’ve talked about the virtues of watching a movie with no preconceptions here before, and Inherit the Wind just solidified…