The story takes place in feudal Japan, when any commerce with the rest of the world was strictly prohibited. An idealist suddenly appears in an isolated inn (the one that the title refers to), the head-quarters of a group of smugglers, with stolen money intended to ransom his loved one who is forced to work in a brothel.

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Japanese movies I've seen

Edwin Toonen

Edwin Toonen 366 films 13 4

I have an obsession for (classic) Japanese movies. Especially those made during the golden age of Japanese filmmaking, the 1940's…

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A project stolen, with blessing, from Mr Dulac .
I'll pick five films by a great and/or interesting director, all…

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Incursion to [Japan]; or how I decided to start watching movies with some criteria

Tiago Simões

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Goal | List films by country and watch them with (some) respect to their chronological order.

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