• Paul Berkeley

    ★★★ Watched by Paul Berkeley 15 Dec, 2014

    An original sci-fi/comedy that doesn't take itself too seriously.There were a few laughs but mostly the movie had that very cheesy look,I guess that was the intention.Graphics are ok for a low budget movie.
    Shot in part in Australia but featuring an international cast.Interesting that a sequel is coming so it must have made money somewhere.Worth a look if nothing better to do


  • soupydoupyy

    ★½ Watched by soupydoupyy 29 Nov, 2014

    I've been looking forward to seeing this for a while. Why? Because I've been watching RedLetterMedia's Best of the Worst and ever since then I've wanted to watch something with the potential to truly be bad. Something I could have big belly laughs over. My friend and I pressed play and unfortunately I was right: this is very bad.

    But not the bad you can laugh at. It's a juicy premise: Nazis on the moon. You can have a lot…


  • creeperbait

    ★★★ Added by creeperbait

    A silly but well put together film about Nazis who live on the moon. not sure if I need to say more!


  • Tony D'Amico

    ★★★½ Watched by Tony D'Amico 06 Dec, 2014

    Film 15 of "The December Challenge 3"
    93 minutes (1346 total)
    1st time watch

    I've had this on my Netflix queue for what seems forever and I couldn't tell you why I never got around to seeing it till now. I've heard barely anything about it from any source and I don't recall reading any reviews either. I always thought it appeared cheap looking. I was also for some reason getting a Sucker Punch vibe from the cover and I…


  • wabbit

    ★★★ Watched by wabbit 04 Dec, 2014

    Obviously I knew this wasn't a documentary but I'd not realised it was aiming to be a comedy. A joint Finnish, German, Australian production it never misses a chance to satirise the American love of conflict.


  • Kevin

    ★★★½ Watched by Kevin 02 Dec, 2014

    In a way, Iron Sky is very similar to Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. It exists in a universe with logic unlike ours (it feels like Earth didn't know about the existence of Nazis), and its humor isn't exactly clever either. In fact this is more of a movie that tries to make you love it with its stupidity. It will work for some and won't for others.


  • Simon Curry

    ½ Watched by Simon Curry 12 Oct, 2012

    I saw this back in 2012 but I was forced to remember this abomination the other day when someone asked me about the worst films I have ever seen.

    This is the only film I saw at a cinema that I actually walked out of. I left at about 20 minutes in.


  • James Healey

    ★★★★ Watched by James Healey 24 Sep, 2012

    Funny. Good use of references.


  • Adrian Zachow

    ★½ Watched by Adrian Zachow 14 Oct, 2012

    With a premise as nuts as Nazis holing up on the moon to then attack the Earth in the near future, and a trailer that brought to mind retrofuturistic sagas such as "Sky Captain" mixed with Saturday Night Live style topical humour, "Iron Sky" had a shot at cult status. Cult films are not everyone's cup of tea, but they tend to be unique and smart. Unfortunately, "Iron Sky" is pretty dumb, and it's level of humour (it takes plenty…


  • Aubtin Heydari

    Added by Aubtin Heydari

    1/2 star for the quality of the film
    + 1/2 star for the CGI, pretty impressive for a b-movie
    +1/2 star for Sarah Palin, have to admit it amused me
    - 1/2 star for the strangely racist, misogynistic, and anti-Semitic humor and dialogue, which you think it would be self-critical of but it really isn't.

    Despite this being a pretty bad film, it's definitely an interesting watch just because of how bizarrely bad the premise is.


  • Patrick Thompson

    ★½ Watched by Patrick Thompson 02 Nov, 2014

    This movie is.....not good. 😞


  • Ian Strope

    ★★ Added by Ian Strope

    Should have been more absurd. I'm a sucker for airships, but this one wasn't that great.