• dbgirl

    ★★½ Added by dbgirl

    The idea of this movie is so stupid that you either accept it or you don't, and if you don't then there is no reason to watch this then. This is about Nazis who, in 1945, went to the dark side of the Moon and ever since have planned their new attack against the Earth. (It was a sheer coincidence that I'm writing this while there's a solar eclipse.)

    The makers of Star Wreck have made another movie, this time…


  • Josh Needle

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    Love It!


  • MrMars

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    Richtig gute Grundidee, verliert sich leider in ganz schlechten Witzen.


  • Sean Murphy

    Watched by Sean Murphy 29 Oct, 2015

    So bad that it is good again.


  • Ashley Shannon

    ★★½ Added by Ashley Shannon

    Iron Sky is a 2012 Finnish nazisploitation film. Directed by Timo Vuorensola starring Julia Dietze, Gotz Otto (Downfall, Schindler's List) and Udo Keir (anything requiring a maniacal German). Production on the film first began in 2006 however it took six years for the film makers to secure the necessary funds to complete the film.

    The now rather infamous plot of Iron Sky is that in 1945 the Nazis fled to the moon and have been regrouping and developing WMDs ever…


  • houseguevara

    ★½ Watched by houseguevara 31 Jan, 2016

    Sometimes a film is too shoddily written to be worth discussing. Iron Sky is that film. Erratic, frustrating and generally hard work.


  • MiguelSolo

    ★½ Watched by MiguelSolo 18 Jan, 2016

    Quizás si durase lo que Kung Fury sería más disfrutable, pero el chiste se alarga demasiado tiempo, y acabas olvidando cuál era.


  • Keith Abt

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    Earth is under attack by MOON NAZIS in this wacky sci-fi/action comedy from Finland, and our only hope is the U.S. President (who resembles a certain Mrs. Palin so closely that it's almost scary).

    The concept of this movie is a total hoot and the special effects are fantastic but the flick doesn't quite live up to the promise shown in its trailer. It never quite finds the right balance between the butt kickin' Space-Nazi fightin' action and the forced…


  • Ezekiel2517

    ★½ Watched by Ezekiel2517 02 Jan, 2016

    So bad it's... just plain bad.


  • Bruce D.

    ★½ Watched by Bruce D. 24 Mar, 2015

    Netflix Instant


  • Joe Gola

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    Nazis have secretly been living on the moon since 1945, and now that their stockpile of helium-3 is sufficient, they prepare for attack! The only man who can stop their nefarious plans is the world's first black astronaut; the question is: will the hotsy-totsy blonde Nazi with a big heart and brave ideals thwart him — or join him?

    The movie is clearly going for a Dr. Strangelove vibe (there are a couple of direct references), and as such it provides some chuckles. My only question — how come the black astronaut's spacesuit is a different color than everyone else's?


  • CivisLuther

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    Great idea. Bad realization. Excellent production. Cool soundtrack.