• Doc Cortex

    ★★★ Watched by Doc Cortex 20 Apr, 2016

    Amusing tale detailing the return of the Nazis from the dark side of the Moon. Lots of social comment, an ironic look at the American political system and at times genuinely funny.


  • Oliwe

    ★½ Watched by Oliwe 10 Apr, 2016

    ...Dead Snow in Space


  • Craig Hart

    ★★½ Added by Craig Hart

    Ohdearsweetlordinheaven…where do I begin? What nice thing can I say to start off the review? Um…“Iron Sky” has a great poster. A black forest ham-fisted send-up of science fiction movies, contemporary world politics and politicians, and race relations, this film is generally goofy all the way around in a SyFy original movie kind of way. In the year 2018, an American manned mission to the moon lands on the dark side, with two astronauts aboard, one of them a Black…


  • Nicole Miles

    ½ Added by Nicole Miles

    Sort of funny, but ultimately, not actually any good. (Half a star given for comedy value.)


  • Maciej

    ★★★ Added by Maciej

    I asked my friend to lend me this film for a bad movies night. He told me: "yeah, well, this doesn't fit there." And, believe it or not, a film about nazis from space, a bleached black guy and Sarah Palin as the president of USA is actually too good for a bad movies night.

    Because it's just a good movie.


  • Aaron

    ★★ Watched by Aaron 16 Mar, 2016

    Nazi's in space. How can it not be cheese. Not the worst cheese. Does not take itself seriously.


  • muchacho23

    ★★★ Added by muchacho23

    Not bad, but not what I was hoping for. Comedy was a bit broad, and it did not really fit the tone of the overall movie. Great ending though


  • VeganPilgrim

    ★★★ Rewatched by VeganPilgrim 10 Mar, 2016

    Ich hatte den Film deutlich besser in Erinnerung. Viele der Gags zünden leider wegen des falschen Timings nicht. Grundidee, Design und Ende überzeugen trotzdem.
    Die Fassung mit Originalton (Deutsch Englisch gemischt) ist besser als die komplett übersetzte.


  • Neal Chambers

    ★★★½ Watched by Neal Chambers 06 Mar, 2016

    Wow, this movie. It's a masterpiece of B-movieness.

    Is it good in the traditional sense? No. Does any of it make any real sense? Not really.

    But it manages to make fun of Nazi stereotypes, and American politics at the same time. Who doesn't like to make fun of those two things? It's just completely stupid, but I liked the special effects and steampunk feel of it. Also, the music was surprisingly, um, ah, good? interesting? Yeah that's the word I want to say.

    Anyway, great dumb movie.


  • USB

    ★½ Added by USB

    Bad acting, Bad CGI, Boring Characters, Don't watch it.


  • Brooke Kamishlian

    Watched by Brooke Kamishlian 06 Mar, 2016

    Technically I only watched the last 20 minutes of this movie tonight... I started watching it a few days ago and really enjoyed the setup and action. Then they went to earth, and I had to give the movie a rest, watched a bit more scenes days later and quit again. I liked the beginning and the end, but the middle feels like a different film.Julia Dietze is a stunning woman and may be the only saving grace of the movie.


  • Paranoyer

    ★★ Added by Paranoyer

    Nazis! Auf dem Mond! Und im symbolträchtigen Jahr 2018 kehren sie mit Raumschiffen auf die Erde zurück, um den verspäteten Endsieg einzuläuten!

    Was hätte aus dieser Prämisse nicht alles werden können. Hemmungslose pulp fiction, eine Art Satire auf Weltraumopern im Groschenheftformat, Verballhornung (nicht nur) rechtslastiger Verschwörungstheorien – kurz gesagt: ein großer Spaß. Doch die finnisch-deutsch-australische Co-Produktion "Iron Sky" unter der Regie von Timo Vuorensola verschenkt fast ihr ganzes Potenzial zugunsten launiger Gags, Stil-Mischmasch und – am schlimmsten – einer letztlich nihilistischen Grundstimmung. Alberner Spaß, gegen den auch im Kino absolut nichts einzuwenden ist, sieht anders aus.

    Weiterlesen: kuleschow-effekt.blogspot.de/2013/04/iron-sky.html