• Matevos Sturm

    ★★★½ Rewatched by Matevos Sturm 05 Oct, 2015

    Hier trifft grimmige Politsatire auf Edeltrash. Was rauskommt, ist ein durchweg amüsanter und wahnwitziger Streifen, dem man anmerkt, dass die Macher einen Heidenspaß an der Sache gehabt haben. Besonders großartig ist das böse Ende und der fantastische Soundtrack. Toller Film.

    PS: Auch bei diesem Film ist der Director's Cut der Kinofassung in jedem Fall vorzuziehen.


  • Marty McKee

    ★★★½ Watched by Marty McKee 03 Oct, 2015

    Concepts don’t really come any higher than this. IRON SKY posits that the Nazis fled Earth near the end of World War II and set up a secret base on the dark side of the Moon. Seventy years later, this lunar “Fourth Reich,” led by Führer Korzfleisch (Udo Kier) and his SS sidekick Adler (Götz Otto), is planning an invasion of Earth, but is surprised when an American space capsule lands nearby. Adler kills one astronaut and takes prisoner the…


  • Dave Holmes

    ★★★½ Added by Dave Holmes

    I've been pretty lucky with both my cinematic choices and partners over the years - meaning I've dragged any number of friends to any number of films they would probably never have seen without me. ("Dragged" often being almost a literal word when it came to combining female friends and fantasy/action/violent type films). Karma of course, is a patient bitch. I've got a mate now in Australia whose cinematic taste is even more...shall we say..."forgiving" than my own. Earlier this…


  • Kymberlie McGuire

    ★★★ Watched by Kymberlie McGuire 05 Jan, 2015

    Nazis on the moon and President Sarah Palin? Yay for B movies.


  • ortolanph

    ★★★ Watched by ortolanph 05 Sep, 2015

    Gosh... This movie is an absurd, but it shows how a society can be mislead when confined by a long time. The movie makes some parodies with political happenings and movies. If you didn't turned your TV off or deleted the movie after, let's say, 45 minutes, be patient, there will be a lot of unexpected in this movie.


  • Saquib

    ★★★½ Watched by Saquib 31 Aug, 2015

    This review reportedly contains spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Dacht mir immer, der Film kann nur schlecht sein. Ich meine Nazis auf dem Mond... Zwar alles etwas "billig" Produziert aber dennoch was gutes dabei rausgekommen. Lauter Verschwörungstheorien wurden auf die schippe genommen und regelrecht wurde sich über alles lustig gemacht. Albinisierer bzw. un Albanisierer hat mir auch sehr gefallen. Genau so wie der "Star Wars" part.


  • Carnaval

    ★★ Watched by Carnaval 22 Aug, 2015



  • PabloC

    ★★ Rewatched by PabloC 08 Aug, 2015

    Suspender una película, pero que me haya gustado. Aquí está el nivel de Iron Sky, una sucesión de gilipolleces absurdas y momentos de aplauso al servicio de una de las mayores obras de fanservice absurdo de la historia de la era digital. Iron Sky es tonta, sí; en ningún momento intenta convencernos de que nos la tomemos en serio, pero logra ser lo suficientemente relevante como para no limitarse a una sucesión de gags oportunos sin más coherencia. Tiene una…


  • lil_afroman9889

    ★★★★★ Rewatched by lil_afroman9889 08 Aug, 2015

    Literally a perfect film. I think everyone can learn a little about themselves from this fantastic production. Bravo.❤️


  • lavrego

    ★★★½ Watched by lavrego 04 Aug, 2015

    Que os Nazis sobreviviron, sabemolo todos. Que escaparon á cara oculta da Lua, xa é excesivo. Disparatada comedia, na que non se cae na deixadeza. Pese ao disparatado da pelicula, deixase ver, gusta. E inda que sexa clasificada coma unha frikada, segue a ser algo de ciencia ficción


  • SmokeTNT

    ★½ Added by SmokeTNT

    Moon Nazis attack Earth. Lazy B-movie concept that seemingly attempts to be a satirical comedy, but unfortunately has no real satire and certainly no humor. It's just a tedious hour and a half of dated political and pop culture references with uninteresting characters doing uninteresting things.

    The only things separating this from churned out SyFy level nonsense, are the sets, effects, and overall production, which are actually quite impressive. If only that same effort was put forth on the script.


  • fillllll

    ★★★½ Added by fillllll

    Funny, mostly unintentionally. Imaginative, pretty some times.