• Michael Stanger

    ½ Watched by Michael Stanger 21 Mar, 2015

    Bizarrely stupid. Half star for humor that occasionally works.


  • Alex Hawkhead

    ★★★ Watched by Alex Hawkhead 21 Mar, 2015

    Ridiculously fantastic movie. Thank you for not taking yourselves seriously.


  • Polo

    ★★★ Watched by Polo 10 Mar, 2015

    Malgré un pitch de départ génial, de l'humour très second plutôt bien placé et une légère critique de la société, il y a un gout de trop peu/manque.

    Les acteurs font leur boulot sans plus (Julia Dietze est magnifique) mais le scénario et les personnages auraient gagné à être un peu plus poussés. A l'image des effets spéciaux, parfois ils sont très impressionnants et on est agréablement surpris et parfois on voit vraiment l'amateurisme/manque de budget.

    Divertissant mais aurait pu largement mieux faire et devenir vraiment culte.


  • dalziel86

    ★★ Added by dalziel86

    A lot more fun as a trailer than as a movie.


  • Ashe Collins

    ★★★½ Rewatched by Ashe Collins 19 Feb, 2015

    via Netflix

    I actually watched the Director's Cut of this go round. Not sure all of what was added but it's at least a good twenty minutes. I caught that one of the major introductory character scenes was a parody of one of the ones from Downfall where Hitler is being informed their losing. This is still pretty stupid in a lot of parts but it's so outlandish it still comes across as funny as hell. I love the concept and the diesel-punk of the Nazi tech in this is great.


  • Marna Larsen

    ½ Added by Marna Larsen

    I keep trying to convince the boyfriend (who will only watch scifi) that we should see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow which he KEEPS INSISTING is this movie.

    Actually, I don't remember enough about this movie to determine if it really WAS the worst thing I've ever seen. It's possible there have been worse movies (the one with Edward Furlong ranting in a hotel room comes to mind) that I either couldn't finish or don't remember. Hey, there aren't really that many GOOD scifi movies. If you narrow your focus to that degree, things like this are bound to happen. I take no responsibility.


  • dosh_cottle

    Watched by dosh_cottle 05 Jan, 2014

    This was by far the worst film Eddie Murphy's been in.

    0/10 I'd rather watch Norbit.


  • Gordo

    ★★★ Watched by Gordo 24 Feb, 2013

    No way it could have lived up to the trailers but I was pretty thoroughly entertained by this. Looking for any logic in the plot won't do you any good (they are fucking moon nazis for fuck's sake) but I enjoyed the ride. Looks fantastic considering the budget (I watched Green Lantern just a few days before and this honestly looks better despite the $100 million difference). Cool spaceship designs too. The romantic subplot is fucking awful, but the cast…


  • César

    ★★ Watched by César 07 Feb, 2015

    Si hay algo que aplaudir a Iron Sky es que los efectos especiales estuvieron a la altura, teniendo en cuenta que esto nació a partir de la financiación en internet es increíble lo que lograron con el diseño de las naves, las explosiones y esa enorme nave nazi que aparece al final. Lástimosamente el guión fue bastante malo, muy acorde a una B-Movie, la idea me pareció interesante pero la ejecución fue lamentablemente muy pobre.
    De mi parte espero con…


  • Chad Anderson

    ★★½ Rewatched by Chad Anderson 29 Jan, 2015

    Less disappointing as I had a better sense of what I was in for so I was able to enjoy the camp.

    Udo Kier was noteworthy as the Fuehrer, Peta Sergeant as a campaign consultant, and Christopher Kirby as the black American astronaut converted to be a member of the master race. The flower-child Nazi Party of peace of love was also fun.

    I would still prefer a different movie and think the resources could have been deployed way better but I did like it more than the first time.


  • Timcop

    Watched by Timcop 05 Feb, 2015

    A fairly ugly and mostly incomprehensible CGI monstrosity which inexplicably paints some Nazis as Nazis and some as sympathetically naive. All of the German actors seemed fairly competent when compared to their American/Australian English-speaking counterparts, who were all bad. The initial 3/4ths of this movie are so (bad) joke-heavy and tongue-in-cheek that when the ending shoots for a heavy-handed metaphor loaded with gravitas, it falls totally flat and feels spliced in from another movie. I'm sure that Sarah Palin and…


  • Luke Mosher

    ★★★ Added by Luke Mosher

    Great concept. Uneven execution, but still fun.