• Jeff M

    ★★★★ Added by Jeff M

    God help me, but Jackass is one of the most entertaining things there has ever been. I could live without the stuff like Bad Grandpa, where they mess with people on the street...but the stunts where they risk life and limb to be funny, there's nothing finer.


  • caveman298

    Watched by caveman298 05 Mar, 2015

    Jackass is no doubt “extreme” and “extraordinary”. However, If you’ve seen one, you’ve pretty much seen them all. Jackass 2.5, takes all of the unseen (and failed) stunts from Jackass 2 and packages them here in what turns out as a barrel-scrap of “laughs” that lasts just over an hour.


  • Berberino

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  • cronic

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  • Bendik Kaalaas

    ★★★ Watched by Bendik Kaalaas 09 Feb, 2014

    While shooting Jackass 2 they got way more footage than what could be packed into the movie. So they made this 2.5 version, slapped on some interviews with the director and the crew members and you've got a quite funny Jackass film. It's not really supposed to be anything special I don't think, but it was nice to see some of the more failed attempts at shooting skits, and hearing the boys talk about how life is on the set is interesting.

    Worth a watch if you're a Jackass-fan.


  • Kat Moir

    ★★★★ Rewatched by Kat Moir 19 Jan, 2014

    After many, many re-watches, I still can't believe a group of full grown men could be so absolutely idiotic and disgusting.

    I would marry any one of them in a heartbeat.


  • Ian Baptista

    ★★★½ Added by Ian Baptista

    duas passadas e meia de saco na cara da sociedade


  • Ben Booth

    Watched by Ben Booth 01 Jan, 2014


    What can i say?.. it's Jackass. but with some new stunts.

    Still funny, still revolting.. just more of it.


  • James Alexander

    ★★★★ Watched by James Alexander 16 Nov, 2013

    'Hello, I'm Johnny Knoxville and Welcome to Jackass' (one of the most iconic introductions in modern visual art. Jackass is funny. It is cringeworthy. It is silly. That's what makes it brilliant. Not my favourite film but its still laugh out loud. Some of the stunts I had to look away but you can't feel a better scenario when rather them than you fits better. Well done Jackass.


  • Jamie

    ★★★ Watched by Jamie 08 Dec, 2013

    Film #22 Of The December Project 2013
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    Jackass 2.5 is another 'deleted scenes, cut footage, etc etc' Jackass movie, this one of the footage cut from Jackass 2. It's not as funny as the stuff from Jackass 3.5, and while there is some good stuff and it's still solid entertainment, this is the worst Jackass film out of them all I think.

    Most interesting part for me is when the boys…


  • Beatrice Folque

    Watched by Beatrice Folque 07 Oct, 2013

    I was expecting much better.It is really bad , sometimes it can be funny but still not that great


  • Twan

    ★★★★ Rewatched by Twan 21 Sep, 2013

    Not quite FOTY